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This battle of Alberta game is totally and utterly insane! Never seen a game like this. Craziest period with #Oilers  and #flames . 4 goals in 70 seconds? And almost a 5th? Hold your breath.

So the chief in #Uvalde  that it took an hour after the killer entered the classroom to kill him. He says they were taking fire. And getting a negotiator. But…that’s the key. Why an hour? #Uvalde 

There are much more tragic things in the world than having no power for 5.5 days so no pity party here, but we haven’t heard from our city councillor once about the power outage in our area or when it will be resolved—in an election year! Going on 6 days of power/info outage🤔

A week. Still no power. Kind of getting used to cold showers tho. #urbancamping 

Power back on! Thanks Hydro crews for making it happen 👏🙏

His PC majority. @OntarioNDP  are official oppo but down seats and @Ont Liberal not even getting official party status. Huge blow to @StevenDelDuca  and Liberal brand. What happened? Was it Ford taking 8 private sector union supports? Not making the issues stick? #onpoli 

Now @StevenDelDuca  speaks. He lost his riding, didn’t get back to official party status. And now his future as leader is very much in jeopardy #onpoli 

Part of the story of the stunning low voter turnout in #OntarioVotes  is that the PC team knew they could essentially win without a splashy campaign…they knew they could win with their machine and ground game, avoid media and events, like it was a by-election. 1/5

Speaking to a senior source there, I was told the campaign was won before it started. PC framed the narrative and then did 2 million door knocks and 4 million calls. The Liberals? They did 500 thousand. The PC ground game crushed the opponents, who could not pull their vote 2/5


The @globeandmail  and @TorontoStar  covered @PierrePoilievre’s advocacy for crypto today and how people can use it to “opt out of inflation”. On @ctvqp  I asked fmr gov of Bank of Canada @PolozSteven  for his view. Here’s his view #cdnpoli 

Breaking: sources tell me Ontario will invoke new emergency measures tomorrow and possibly state of emergency to give province new powers to enforce penalties against protestors. New emergency powers from Ontario to come into effect tomorrow. #cdnpoli 

Some protestors have ramped up their anger at journalists. @glen_mcgregor  and I were both doing reports at a camera and protestors surrounded us, yelled fake news, lies, Nazi, disrupted Glen’s live hit, one guy spat at us and then followed us as we left. Getting worse #cdnpoli 

Lots of criticism of “woke culture” and “cancel culture” and “mandates” —just interesting. Not a single word about the Canadians who died during the pandemic or the health care workers who worked overtime. It’s all been about anti mandates and anti lockdowns. #cdnpoli 

My nightly walk through the Parl Hill Trucker Village included new Porta Potties and lots more entertainment. Police? Nope. A free for all.

This is what debate is coming to? Musk uses a Hitler comparison? The outrageous suggestion that Canada has any resemblance to fascist Germany is vulgar, inaccurate, inflammatory and is insulting to survivors of the Holocaust.

New pop in the weird “Beer and Poilivre” culture war going on now. Mr Poilivre dissed @SteamWhistle  as “watered down” when they declared political neutrality after he hosted a rally at their facility. So he then praised Oast Beer—who promptly distanced themselves too. #cdnpoli