Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

Labour MP for Doncaster North. Husband to Justine, dad to Daniel and Sam. Former radio 2 DJ (for a week)

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I gather the Tories are saying a Labour government will mean chaos. I am sure I have heard that somewhere before...

We need COBRA meeting to deploy all resources of government not just in resilience but helping with recovery for those who have lost homes, possessions,livelihoods.David Cameron said ‘money is no object’ when floods hit South of England. Let’s see that happen for Doncaster.(1/2)

Thanks for the response to this. They do take second hand books. All other enquiries to ji @reread .org.uk

The nub of the Tory problem is that they know that people have had it with rubbish, unaccountable privatised oligopolies/monopolies but they have no answer...that is what is going to cause them real trouble around the response to this policy.

From the “Maybot” to the “Bo-bot”...nothing has changed.

@Shelter  @JohnHealey_MPThis  matters for everyone who would be able to live in those homes and for everyone else. Building social housing is the backbone of a functioning housing market. We can’t get anywhere close to 300,000 total homes a year unless the state plays this sort of role.

The London Bridge attack shows the worst of humanity and the best of it. Those who stopped the perpetrator causing further death and injury are true heroes. All my thoughts are with those killed and injured and their families.

Big picture: NHS in appalling state, PM has no empathy. Three days to decide the next five years. Nothing else matters. Avoid the rabbit holes. That’s what they want.


Nope it’s because nobody wanted you to come. And you got the message.

What an absolutely ludicrous, incompetent, absurd, make it up as you go along, couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery bunch of jokers there are running the government at the most critical time in a generation for the country.

Spreading lies about your own country: sad. Spreading lies about others: sadder. What an absolute moron.

Breaking: I will shortly be announced as editor of Heat magazine....

In my 4+ years opposing David Cameron I never saw a parliamentary performance like tonight’s from Boris Johnson: deeply irresponsible, stoking division, using dangerous, inflammatory language, fanning the flames of hatred. This is not about right and left but right and wrong.

And mine for people who travel thousands of miles to endorse a groper of young girls who also happens to be a racist homophobe. Time for a period of silence.

. Why are you missing from this statement? You can't stand up for Britain because you won't stand up to Trump. Weak leadership.