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“We have opened the window to the womb, and there’s no going back from that.” On “Checks and Balance”, pro-life activist @kyleenwright  says advances in ultrasound technology are a gamechanger for the abortion debate

Erin O’Toole’s plan is to assure Canadians that, although his personality is nothing like that of Justin Trudeau, his policies are not all that different

“Today the financial system is shifting under our feet.” Hear@BCUnterlind @BIS_org #Eurofiu  of explain how big tech, cryptocurrencies and blockchain will shape the future of how money and payments, on “Money Talks

The Gates Foundation is a behemoth in the world of public health. It handed out over $4bn in 2019 alone. But its model of philanthropy is flawed, as @AChilkoti  tells “The Intelligence

America Inc's global footprint remains deep and wide

The pandemic has forced technology to be more integrated into American classrooms. The experience has refined what edtech is really for

The largest-ever investigation of mask efficacy, conducted in Bangladesh, has found simple ways to encourage people to mask up. Listen to our “Babbage” podcast

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When disputes between firms and workers have reached the courts, the question at issue is normally whether the accommodations offered were reasonable—not about the underlying beliefs


The most nail-biting risk of all this year is of an unintended clash between China and America over the South China Sea #TheWorldIn2021 

In Xinjiang, a million or more people have been put in camps. Uyghurs who live abroad still fear the Chinese authorities

Today on “The Intelligence”: a special episode examining China’s crimes against the Uyghurs and how the party’s influence is felt by the diaspora all over the world

Donations to Black Lives Matter-related causes since May were $10.6bn