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By the close of the climate summit’s first day, Joe Biden’s determination was plain. So was the difficulty of the task ahead

America is ever more reliant on financial sanctions to try to bring other countries into line. But how well do they actually work? And could overuse end up damaging those that wield them? Listen to “Money Talks

Using data on 20,811 populations of 4,392 wild animal species, @WWF  found that the world’s populations of wild animals has fallen by an average of 68% since 1970. On #EarthDay2021 , read about the economic argument for protecting biodiversity

Today on “The Intelligence”: the failings behind India’s covid-19 spike, the worrying death of Chad’s president and a deep dive into the sea-cucumber trade

What effect has covid-19 had on climate change? Sign up for The Climate Issue newsletter to receive the best of our analysis on environmental matters every fortnight

How does the best-known veteran of foreign policy view the great global standoff today? Henry Kissinger is @annemcelvoy ’s guest on “The Economist Asks” podcast

We explain the events that led to this anomaly—and why there are calls for change

Joe Biden’s virtual summit was an opportunity to assert American leadership on climate after years of abdication under Donald Trump


The most nail-biting risk of all this year is of an unintended clash between China and America over the South China Sea #TheWorldIn2021 

Today on “The Intelligence”: a special episode examining China’s crimes against the Uyghurs and how the party’s influence is felt by the diaspora all over the world

Refugees are actually the least likely potential terrorists

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Donations to Black Lives Matter-related causes since May were $10.6bn

In Xinjiang, a million or more people have been put in camps. Uyghurs who live abroad still fear the Chinese authorities

The trial of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor will begin in China tomorrow. The two men appear to be hostages. To get them home Canada will need America’s help