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Three years ago it took just under 50 days for freight to travel from China to America. Today, it takes 114

Ida B. Wells, Sally Ride and Maya Angelou are all being commemerated as Barbie dolls

The recent, successful experience of America’s northern neighbour sheds some light on how effective vaccine mandates are

Patriotism is part of the Republican brand. But why do Democrats gravitate to gloom?

Results from pilots already under way show that the payments, unsurprisingly, improve the lives of participants

“I would not be for anything that would allow even the possibility of government interference or influence in the news-gathering process.” @carlbernstein  talks about how to support newspapers and maintain their independence, on “The Economist Asks”

Must the city of Boston fly a “Christian flag”?

If some Democrats tend to hold excessively dismal views of their country, many Republicans do the opposite

“It’s almost existential for us, we are constantly thinking about what is coming next.” @kevin_scott , chief technology officer of @Microsoft , talks to our “Money Talks” podcast about the tech giant’s next frontiers

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Over the past three years the tech titans have acquired 110-odd companies, according PitchBook. Many have taken a stake in firms developing cutting-edge technology


The most nail-biting risk of all this year is of an unintended clash between China and America over the South China Sea #TheWorldIn2021 

In Xinjiang, a million or more people have been put in camps. Uyghurs who live abroad still fear the Chinese authorities

Today on “The Intelligence”: a special episode examining China’s crimes against the Uyghurs and how the party’s influence is felt by the diaspora all over the world

Donations to Black Lives Matter-related causes since May were $10.6bn