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Dustin Fox

National Champion Ohio State Buckeye Cornerback. 4 years in the NFL. Vikings. Eagles. Bills. @BullandFox daily. @ESPNCFB analyst. @Browns Radio and TV. #Steady

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Memphis and Cleveland the two teams in the NBA that are so much damn fun to watch.

Good for Kirby. Bout time.

God I love college football.

This Twolves Pelicans game has been awesome too. Some great hoops tonight.

How In the world were the Jazz favored with all the injuries and COVID issues. #freemoney  @Springco 


This is a guy I would want to play with. Josh McCown's response on why he kept going back in.

I want a coach with this type of attention to detail. Full scouting report on the Bears defense. Literally all 11 starters..

I love sports. How cool of @KStateFB  to come over and show respect to the @NavyFB  squad as they sing their fight song after they just lost them. This is good stuff. #Respect  ?? well done fellas.

Has this messed you guys up as much as it has me? Tears for a family and man I never knew? It just feels bigger. Makes you put things into perspective. Hug your babies tight and tell them you love them.

BYU and Coastal were able to put it together in less than 60 hours. There’s no excuse that Ohio State can’t schedule somebody to play Saturday. The Big Ten needs to get over themselves and adapt.

The Browns are an undisciplined football team coached by undisciplined coaches.

Look at what the Cardinals are doing with Kyler. Giving him time to recover while still playing well with their backup. It’s possible to win games w a backup. That’s why you are paying Case 7 million. #Browns 

Hearing Andrew Berry and Wade Phillips will be in Cleveland.