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A 10 year old being pregnant is evidence of rape, like no more evidence is needed to prove she was raped.

In 2002 about 7,000 girls between the ages of 10 and 14 had a live birth. Child rape is a huge issue. Also, you might want to learn some biology, because pregnancy before the first period most definitely happens.

19 years ago today I was laying in a bed with sepsis, too ill to go to the NICU to see my boys who were born shortly after midnight by c-section, who weighed 783 g and 843 g. I thought this is just gonna not end well. They’re heading to college in a few weeks. All the feels.

Titanium dioxide isn't making tampons into toxic death sticks

@pash22  @BarneyCalmanA  @ProfJoyceHarper  @Dr_Elliel  @Liz_ORiordano  @BrMenopauseSoct  @Soc_Endo  @susan_bewleyo  @PaulaPodcastf  @alf_collins  @sfinnikinp  @alex_freemaneople  use shared decision making to explain bad care. They say they explained every and the patient “chose” but it’s not I turned choice if you are given bad info

I’m sick of this parceling out abortion. This implies there is a worthy abortion and an unworthy abortion. Just trust people. Offer the damn service.

The c-section I had at 26 weeks saved my life. I had chorioamnionitis and the next day had sepsis. My membranes ruptured at 22 1/2 weeks and if I had chorizo then, I would have had a life saving abortion.

Hey @droz  should local political leaders decide who gets a mitral valve replacement?

When conservatives blather on about the “benefits” of marriage for women I always think of this study, that shows a woman is far more likely to be abandoned by her male partner during a time of serious illness than the reverse


$600 for my son who lived about 3 minutes. He received no medical care. At all. As he died almost immediately he didn’t get enrolled in my insurance plan, so I got the bill. From the hospital where I was a doctor.

Abortions in the 3rd trimester are almost always done for fetal anomalies. There is no 39 week “I’m bored so I’m having an abortion” abortion. These procedures are $20k plus. Seriously. Stop fetishizing the fetus.

The pain of vaginal delivery has been described as equal to having a finger amputated. Menstrual cramps are worse than a heart attack. But do go on.

I was just asked to be on The National to discuss Roe and abortion...and then I found out it would be a panel with a "pro-life/anti-abortion" voice. I am livid and sent this reply. I couldn't care less if this means I will not be asked back to the CBC. It needed to be said.

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Hilary Clinton has a near faint and everyone freaked out. Bernie Sanders has a heart attack and it’s a big meh. I just can’t even.

This is medical experimentation on minors.

Fellow doctors of twitter, have you ever written a letter stating your patient will be healthy for more than 2 years? And where can I take a Predictive Medicine fellowship?

Look, I’m probably going to wear a mask in a lot of indoor spaces because I really enjoyed not having a cold for 14 months

I'm reading your weight loss book now. On page 105 you recommend writing down 60 times a day for 3 days: "Dear God, please feed my hunger and restore my right mind." Page 171, fat is "a repository of twisted, distorted thoughts and feelings that didn't have anywhere else to go."