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The final act! Grateful for the opportunity to work with those bright young scientists ... Optimistic about the future

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.. and stopped at the office to sign >200 “delegation of authority “ for clinical trials...Happy to sign the very last one...Done!

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#ASCO20 : Interesting data on Liso-Cel in 2nd line, transplant ineligible aggressive B cell lymphoma. 25 patients treated , 48% had primary refractory lymphoma. ORR 80%, CR 48%. Would be important to see CR rate in primary refractory patients

#ASCO20 : Genmab bispecific CD3/CD20 (Epcoritamab) updated data shows excellent results (ORR 100%) in 6 evaluable patients with FL at higher dose levels.

#ASCO20 Very interesting results from China using a novel tandem CD19/CD20 CART in lymphoma: 62 pts(84%) had an objective response, and 55 (74%) had a complete response. Need to see how many had recent anti-CD20 therapy, and KM-curve for PFS.

#ASCO20 And very impressive interim analysis data from ZUMA-5 (axi-cel CART) in R/R FL or MZL: Of 87 pts evaluable for efficacy, ORR was 94% (79% complete response [CR] rate). Pts with FL (n = 80) had an ORR of 95% (80% CR rate).

And here is how real world data is being used as a control arm that may facilitate regulatory approval. Something to watch : RE-MIND study: tafasitamab + lenalidomide (L-MIND) versus lenalidomide monotherapy (real-world data) in R/R DLBCL

First-in-human data of ALLO-501 and ALLO-647 in relapsed/refractory large B-cell or follicular lymphoma (R/R LBCL/FL): ALPHA study. Only 9 pos treated, ORR 78% with manageable toxicity, with no GVHD. Too early to determine durability of responses

Phase I AUTO3, CD19/22 dual targeting CAR T cell therapy, in R/R DLBCL: of 11 treated at dose > 50 x 106, ORR and CRR were 64% and 55%. Looks safe, but durability of responses will be something to watch to determine the clinical benefit over CD19 CARs.

Results of a phase III randomized trial of zanubrutinib versus ibrutinib for patients with Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM). Although did not meet the primary endpoint CR+VGPR was 28.4% vs 19.2% with ZANU vs IBR, respectively. Need to see KM-PFS curves


In Clinic: Nothing is more gratifying than helping patients achieve a remission and go back to their normal lives (PET scan image of an 81 year man with diffuse large B cell lymphoma before (left) and after 2 cycles of therapy)

Brentuximab vedotin with chemotherapy for Stage III/IV classical Hodgkin lymphoma: 3-year update of the ECHELON-1 study. - PubMed - NCBI

also Berlin philharmonic @BerlinPhil  is offering free streaming of their entire digital library for a month. An incredible treat while you shelter in. Here is the link #StayHomeSaveLives 

Another long day at #ASH16 . Highlights of the day: three randomized studies in DLBCL were all unfortunately negative. RCHOP remains standard

Less is better in DLBCL: Two studies showed 4 is as good as 6 cycles of RCHOP in early stage non bulky good risk patients, and 6 is as good as 8 cycles of RCHOP in advanced stage DLBCL #ASH18 

Here Are 6 Key Factors on Coronavirus- As more data emerge, there is no indication that COVID-19 is as deadly as initially thought. Looking more like a bad flu, but one should not underestimate this global healthcare issue. #DontPanic  #BePrepared 

Impressive results of mosunetuzumab, a bispecific anti CD3/CD20 antibody, in relapsed FL and DLBCL presented by Steve Schuster#ASH19