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China just issued its first white paper on U.N. Peacekeeping Operations. What does it tell us about the Chinese approach to peacekeeping and peace-building?

India announced earlier this month that it plans to develop directed energy weapons using high-energy lasers and microwaves.

China has effectively created a Schrödinger’s Chinese Australian, where a person’s nationality is simultaneously Australian and Chinese depending on which serves the CCP’s purposes.

Peace between the Afghan government and the Taliban is not a silver bullet for peace in the region. Islamic State – Khorasan Province poses a significant threat.

Joko Widodo and Rodrigo Duterte both used their inaugural U.N. speeches to express alarm at accelerating superpower tensions.

Social reformers challenge Malaysia’s Islamic hardliners over headwear.

Young Thais are becoming increasingly fed up with the stifling consensus and repeated military interventions in the country’s politics.

As in 2015, more than a million Rohingya Muslims will be unable to cast a vote in the upcoming polls in Myanmar.

All eyes are on the Suga administration’s policy agenda for Japan after committing to advancing his predecessor’s Abenomics growth strategy.


China’s Strategy for Hollowing out Hong Kong

A new Chinese language policy is creating fear among ethnic Mongolians in the region that they will lose their mother tongue.

A Chinese researcher pled guilty on July 30 for conspiring to steal proprietary trade secrets -- from a children's hospital. @BonnieGirard 

A crackdown in Tibet. Then Xinjiang. Is Inner Mongolia next?

EU Says Its Envoy Erred After China Demanded Cuts to Op-ed