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A flash flood warning was issued for central Larimer County until 4:15 p.m. as crews finish their assessment of Friday’s flood event in the county. Officials said no structures were damaged and no casualties were reported

The number of people who visited COVID-19 testing sites in Colorado dropped off over the past couple of months, but now that's changed. Officials say testing has increased for the first time in months

A flash flood warning for the Calwood burn scar in Boulder County has been upgraded to a "considerable threat" for flash flooding occurring in the area near Geer Canyon Dr. to Lefthand Canyon then to Hwy 36

Authorities issued an alert to residents in The Retreat subdivision, warning them of dangerous flooding occurring in the area. Thunderstorms are producing heavy rain across the Cameron Peak burn area. A flash flood warning is in effect

CDOT expects I-70 in Glenwood Canyon will remain closed until at least Monday as crews battle the weather to clear mud and debris from the road following multiple mudslides


Colorado's first drive-up coronavirus testing center is now open in Denver. Here's what to know: ➡️ Doctor's note required to undergo testing ➡️ Located at 8100 E. Lowry Blvd. ➡️ Open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Weds. to Fri. this week ➡️ Testing is free LATEST:

#BREAKING : Police said they feared a "Las Vegas style shooting" after discovering more than a dozen weapons and 1,000+ rounds of ammo at a hotel near Coors Field Friday night. @LizGelardi  an @TonyKovaleski  have exclusive details:

Early Wednesday morning, an 18-wheeler crashed in Texas and its precious cargo — thousands of rolls of toilet paper — went up in flames.

Becky Miller caught video of the tornado as it moved through Weld County with rain coming down and a lightning strike.

Maurice Kervin was caught in an avalanche near Loveland Pass Friday and caught it all on video. He said his avalanche airbag and training likely saved his life. Story:

Who won tonight's presidential debate? #Debates2020 

Polis: Wearing a mask is not an ideological or partisan thing, it’s a science thing.