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Dean Baker

I am a senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (@ceprdc). I also run the blog Beat the Press (@beat_the_press)

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Cheap fun with the stock market! We were looking at a future of historically low returns before the coronavirus slump

NYT does free (I assume) public relations for Emmanuel Macron. Macron can only boast about the recent decline in the unemployment rate in a Trumpian way

@BeckHomec  It's @mmcauliffnot  even profits -- it's patent monopolies. The drug companies can do research and make a profit it, the problem is the government grants them a patent monopoly. There is nothing about capitalism that requires patent monopolies

Question for Twitter legal experts. Trump's campaign is suing the NYT Under the doctrine that the president cannot be prosecuted or sued while in office, would the NYT be prohibited from a countersuit?

@statmandue  I think it is libel, but all I know is what is in the piece. btw, this points again to the absurdity that our laws completely exempt Facebook from this sort of liability.

If folks want numbers here, we will spend around $500 billion on prescription drugs this year. Without patent monopolies we would spend less than $100 billion. The difference of $400 b, is about 1.8% percent of GDP, more than five times the food stamp budget

Gail Collins wants to honor the president. Since he likes to have everything named after him, the disease will now be known as "Trumpvirus."

We know that Michael Pence doesn't believe in evolution or global warming, does Pence believe in the Coronavirus that he is supposed lead the charge to stop?

If only the policy folks were capable of learning -- the next person who says "skin in the game" should be fired.


very interesting that Lockheed's stock went up 2.0 percent on Thursday, the day before the attack. Looks like a lot of people should go to jail.

Owners of exploding chemical plant successfully lobbied Trump Environmental Protection Agency on tighter rules

Senator Corker does considerably better with the Republican tax bill than a married couple earning $30,000, with two kids

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The minimum wage is less than half of what it would be if it tracked productivity, which it had up until 1968

Is there some reason @realDonaldTrump  can't follow the same conflict of interest rules as all prior presidents?

In honor of the Republicans efforts to screw blue states, NY, CA and other states with high income taxes need to convert to 100 percent deductible employer-side payroll taxes. It's a great way to say "Merry Christmas" to President Trump

Buttigieg wants to raise the unemployment rate, especially for African Americans and Hispanics. That's what his whining about deficit reduction means. If he is too ignorant to know this, he should do some homework before he runs for president next time.

@nytopinion  Is the NYT obligated to print idiocy if it serves the interest of a prominent billionaire. Every part of this story has been show wrong repeatedly. (thread)

Will correct his inaccurate fact check on Bernie Sanders and on Medicare for all, or will he let his mistaken reporting stand?