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Was there as a kid that day. I think it might have been 20 in a row.

8 points in a row on serve for Rybakina. Only landing 56% of first serves so that’s ominous if it clicks.

This is a really close belting. Which makes no sense. Tommy Paul having a dip and asking a lot of questions…whilst somehow still getting smoked.

Rybakina’s returning forcing Sabalenka to try and launch her second serve. Leading to more doubles.

Sensational final. Best in a long time.

Djokovic is Bradman-like. Playing in a different universe.

It’s been revealed Djokovic won Wimbledon last year despite breaking both of his arms in the semi-final.


Now that Essendon’s CEO is goneski, let’s hope the AFL doesn’t face a scenario where a player (let’s say AFLW) refuses to play in pride round due to their religion and subsequent views on homosexuality…oh wait.

Cheers to all the horse folk who got up 2 hours ago in the rain and cold to care for their horses and will do so again tomorrow and every other day. The Nup to the cup crew will go quiet for 12 months before re-emerging to give those people a lecture about animal welfare again.

Reliably informed by @VFebbo96  that Brett Ratten has coached Carlton’s most successful season in the last 21 years and the Saints most successful in the last 12.

Richmond in the finals 2017. First half 13.16.94 to 11.17.83 Second half 30.20.200 to 11.18.84

The Hazlewood/Boland debate should actually be a no brainer. Hazlewood got injured at the wrong time, the guy who replaced him is smashing it. Simple as that.

Twitter can be summed up by folks being less concerned about people dying due to a failed system, and more concerned about making sure their favourite politician doesn’t cop the blame for it.

St.kilda's accuracy in front of goal this year is 46.13%. The worst for the club since 1975 and worst by anyone since Tigers in 1989 at 44%