C. Mervyn Graham

C. Mervyn Graham

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#SmackDown as it should Trending No. 1 & 2 worldwide 😎😁👌

#TheLockdown Welcome to the New World Order... They now control everything in your life and own your soul! Don't be angry as this is what you wanted as your addiction to technology has groomed you into the perfect drone🤫😕 #Covid_19  #MondayMotivaton  #mondaythoughts 

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#ChampionsLeague final set to be held behind closed doors as Uefa meet, with voiding season ‘off the table’

Big brother takes control... Whether you like it or not you'll now be a synced data file in the cloud syncing every device you have feeding the big tech and government your every activity, app etc through every piece of technology. #ThursdayThoughts  Welcome to your new world 😵


I liked a @YouTube  video The Shield vs John Cena, Sami Zayn & AJ Styles

Calls For #Labour  MPs To Be Banned From #Parliament  Bar Popular With Young Staff

I liked a @YouTube  video KSI "LEAKED" Diss Track on SIDEMEN! #DramaAlert  Jake Paul ROASTED! RiceGum fighting

Both #DNA  and upbringing can determine whether a child will grow up to be a #psychopath  — here's how

@SusanWojcicki  @YouTubeTranslation: We will now be auto terminating any channel that exposes US the employees and exposes the scumbags on the YouTube platform and tells the "whole " truth about the toxicity and criminality of #YouTubethat  we continue to fund, sponsor and protect 24/7/365.

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