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World War 3: Chinese airforce ENCIRCLES Taiwan after diplomat 'threatens US with INVASION' #WW3  #WorldWar3  #China  #USA 

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Chinese / Taiwan

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BREAKING: 3 rockets were just fired from Syria toward Israel, 1 of which fell in Syria.

Content about the Palestine crisis is being removed from social media platforms. A policy manager for @accessnow  says the org has received hundreds of reports claiming IG stories have been taken down and the hashtag #AlAqsa  was restricted when Israeli forces invaded the mosque.

NEW: Rep. Liz Cheney tells @jonkarl  she regrets voting for Donald Trump in the 2020 election—but doesn't answer whether she'd stay in the GOP if he were the party's 2024 nominee. Watch the interview Sunday on . @ThisWeekABC 

US | New York City will send more than 4 million COVID-19 test kits, 3,00,000 pulse oximeters, nearly 300 ventilators and other equipment to India to cope with the pandemic: Press Secretary for Mayor of New York

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Indian #coronavirus  variant 'could pose serious disruption' to the government's roadmap out of lockdown.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez told reporters that Rep. Greene "clearly needs help" following incidents with colleagues on Capitol Hill. “At this point, I think, the depth of that un-wellness has raised concerns for other members as well.”

We don't have to be Palestinian to say 'Free Palestine' We don't have to be Kurd to say 'Free Kurdistan' We don't have to be Catalan to say 'Free Catalonia' We just need to know that we have to stand for oppressed.

Psaki says President Biden's campaign pledge to not raise taxes on any Americans making less than $400,000 a year is "still a red line" in infrastructure negotiations. He would also not support new fees for those Americans such as a gas tax spike

UPDATE: UN estimates around 10,000 Palestinians have left their homes in Gaza amid an Israeli offensive. Follow our LIVE blog for the latest:

A close confidant of Rep. Matt Gaetz strikes a deal to plead guilty and cooperate with investigators in their sprawling sex crimes investigation