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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Labour's spiteful war on private schools

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COUNT ME OUT! Illinois Rep Won’t Attend SOTU, ‘Not Going to Hear Him Get Applause for Lies’

What technology is the private rescue firm using to search for missing Nicola Bulley?

Baidu's chat function is named ERNIE. Acronym for Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration. (The last E is silent and missing?) Interesting since Google has a Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. $BIDU $GOOGL Can you tell me how to get to...

Powell asked if Fed would have done anything differently last week if it knew jobs report would be so strong. Stresses disinflation still only just started. Process will take a bit of time. Be smooth and bumpy. More rate increases likely. Didn't expect jobs to be so strong.

Waiting for Powell. @aliciawallace  has a preview of his live remarks that are coming up soon. Click same link later today for updates.

Gabby Petito's family just released a photo that they say backs their wrongful death suit -- namely, what they claim is an alarming selfie taken minutes before cops stopped her -- and proof officers should've taken action.

‘Bosch’ Franchise Expanding With Two More Shows for Amazon

@LauraJaneGrace  will be taking some newly recorded music for a spin on a spring solo headlining tour.

As @thebteamhq  prepares to celebrate 10 years of action and advocacy, it’s wonderful to welcome two new leaders to the network. Looking forward to working with you Jacqueline Novogratz and Juan Carlos Mora: @VirginUnite 

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Pet-sitter who caused death of two beloved French bulldogs by leaving them in her car avoids jail