Liverpool / Champions League

YouTuber spends £5k buying a BUS to take Liverpool fans to Champions League final

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Liverpool / Champions League

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Ready for birth control and same sex relationships to go away too? THE CRAZY PEOPLE ARE TAKING OVER BECAUSE WE DON'T ACT!" Clarence Thomas WROTE that justices “should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell

States will be forcing children, that are impregnated via sexually abused, to pay for their abuse by carrying a child that they never wanted to full term. #IsThisAmerica 

Netflix, Disney and More Companies Vow to Cover Travel for Abortions After Overturn of Roe V. Wade

Zelensky's surprise Glastonbury message calls world to 'speak truth' on invasion

SCOTUS OVERTURNS ROE V. WADE: Tune into "Hannity" TONIGHT at 9 PM ET or set your DVR for the latest on this landmark decision! @PamBondi , @kayleighmcenany , @HeyTammyBruce , @JonathanTurley , @KellyannePolls  and @StephenM  will weigh in.

The Supreme Court’s liberal justices deliver stark warning: Overturning Roe is just the beginning

JK Rowling in freedom of speech war with Twitter over trans op man's story of regret

London doctor turned down Nigerian 'organ-harvesting parents'

Broody Kate is at it again! Duchess asked to hold a royal fan's daughter and declared she 'loves babies’

Now ITV joins BBC and local media in boycotting 'woke' Bristol Council after it banned reporter