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CFO of Alex Murdaugh's law firm says disgraced legal scion is gifted in the 'art of bull****'

Canadian official says it's 'surprising' that NYC Mayor Eric Adams is bussing migrants to them

Lil Wayne accepts $28MILLION offer for stunning 10,632-square-foot waterfront mansion in Miami Beach

Donna Kelce surprises her Super Bowl sons Jason and Travis with COOKIES on Opening Night

Tennessee police chief FIRED for role in Maegan Hall sex scandal

The sick reality: Drugs advertised on TV most have least benefit- Hopkins analysis of $6bn industry

New layer of Earth is discovered 100 miles below the surface

American Psycho author asks 'how the f**k can anyone live' in NYC in recent interview

As Joe addresses the nation, CHRISTIAN WHITON asks, how are we to win new 'Cold War' with China?


Navy apologizes after one of its pilots draws enormous penises in the sky

World swimming's governing body bans transgender athletes including Lia Thomas from taking part in female races

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EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research

Mexico is considering closing its border to stop Americans bringing coronavirus into its country

Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema WON'T back changing filibuster to codify abortion

Woman confronts a Starbucks employee who copied her credit card and spent $200

EXCLUSIVE: Waukesha massacre suspect was convicted for threatening to bomb the Nugget Casino in Nevada

EXCLUSIVE: Hospitalized Brad Parscale 'is under investigation for stealing up to $40M from Trump's campaign'

PAxlovid: Pfizer's Covid drug can cause deadly blood clots, study warns