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Millions of Americans carve time out of their busy schedule to exercise daily, but is there a “best time" to get in your daily workout?

While Thomas was the only Supreme Court justice to argue for revisiting other rights, advocates say such challenges are likely to arrive in federal courts in the coming years.

Models say they "would not choose to advertise or promote defendant’s strip club(s) at all" in suits claiming misuse of photos.

Opinion: Survivors need our help, including the government's — that is, if we're bothered by the tallies of killings and other abusive acts, writes the Register's editorial board.

Opinion: After narrow escapes for her and her family, a refugee wants Iowans to know the tangible ways they can help her people, writes Rachelle Chase.

What's a stranded traveler to do? Know your rights and alternatives and persistently pursue them, including taking airlines to task on social media.

There's a long list of fireworks shows to fill your Fourth of July weekend.

Up for grabs are as many as five early voting spots, and state Democratic officials from around the country showed up en masse in Washington, DC, this week to vie for the chance to snag one of them.

An outdoor umbrella sold at Costco with a built-in solar panel has been recalled because its lithium-ion batteries can overheat, posing a fire risk.


NEW #IOWAPOLL : Buttigieg: 25% Warren: 16% Biden: 15% Sanders: 15% Klobuchar: 6% Booker: 3% Gabbard: 3% Harris: 3% Steyer: 3% Yang: 3% Bloomberg: 2% Bennet: 1% No other candidate polled above 0%.

Mollie was nobody's victim. Nor is she a pawn in others' debate.

The Register's editorial board wrote: "The outstanding caliber of Democratic candidates makes it difficult to choose just one." But the board did: It is backing @ewarren :

Andrew Yang deserves our attention because he is focusing on issues that will likely become central to the lives of more and more Americans in the decade ahead, whether or not voters hold President Donald Trump to one term, columnist writes.

Sheriff: Multiple people were reported dead at an Ames church Thursday night.

Register reporter Andrea Sahouri was found not guilty on both charges.

"But for @AndrewYang , I'm throwing my support behind him every second that I can, every spare moment that I have, and I think a lot of other people are doing the same," said one supporter.

@AndrewYang  started off his last day on the Iowa caucus campaign trail energized. "It's freaking Caucus Day!" #iacaucus