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Cory Booker

U.S. senator from New Jersey and Democratic candidate for president. Most tweets (and typos) are mine, some are my team’s.

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Scientific study and scrutiny tell us that these vaccines are safe and extremely effective, not only at lowering your risk of getting the virus, but also at preventing severe cases that require hospitalization.

I am so grateful to the diverse group of scientists, researchers, doctors, and delivery people who have worked tirelessly on developing and distributing these vaccines to ensure that more families will not have to know that loss.

I want to personally encourage you to make the first appointment you can to get one of these safe and effective vaccines. Everyone who gets a vaccine is doing their part to get us out of this crisis.

You’re helping students get back to full-time in-person school, you’re making it easier for small businesses & local restaurants to conduct business, and you’re protecting the most vulnerable in your family & community.

After you receive the vaccine, I have a final ask: share your experience! People rely the most on family and friends’ experiences when deciding whether to get a vaccine. So post about it on social media, talk to your family and friends about it, and help spread the word.

If you reply to this thread or tag me on Instagram with your vaccine story, I might share it! The best way to increase trust in these vaccines is for those who have already gotten them to testify to their benefits.

An act of kindness is a sign of strength. An act of kindness is a sign of grace. An act of kindness is a sign of love. An act of kindness is what someone in your community needs today.

Ma’Khia Bryant was only 16 years old—killed by police yesterday. She deserves justice and accountability. We must reform this deeply broken system. My heart is with Ma’Khia’s loved ones.

We have seen this again, and again, and again. We must commit to making meaningful reforms to end police violence.


I miss Obama, and I miss her husband too. #DemConvention 

A pardon is supposed to be an instrument of justice—not a tool of corruption.

The president is weak. And wrong. White supremacy is not a mental illness, and guns are a tool that white supremacists use to fulfill their hate.

It is beyond appalling that the President saw fit to refer to my sister @KamalaHarris as a "monster." These dehumanizing attacks against women of color from our nation's highest office holder can never be tolerated. The racism and misogyny directed at Kamala must stop now.

What you do matters. What you say matters. No matter how big the fight Or inevitable the conclusion seems Stand up. Speak up. Wrong, temporarily victorious Is never greater than Right, forever vigilant.

The Trump administration posted an unsearchable pdf of the Mueller report so it would be harder for you to read. We made it easier. Here’s a searchable version:

I've waited a long time to say this: Mitch McConnell is no longer Senate Majority Leader.

Wearing a mask is not a surrender of liberty. It is an affirmation of love.