Cory Booker

Cory Booker

U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Most tweets (and typos) are mine, some are my team’s. He/him.

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Congratulations to my friend Charles Booker. He is the right person to represent Kentucky in the Senate, but it's a long way to November and he needs our help. Join me in supporting @Booker4KY .

Alice Paul is an American hero who we don't recognize or celebrate enough. (Also, since filming this, I now know that the term is Suffragist not suffragette, the latter being a term used by those who sought to belittle and demean the movement back then). #CoryStories 

I think it was Socrates who said: "Let him who would move the world first move himself.” #CoryStories 

I am so excited to listen to my dear friend's podcast. She is always a great for conversation that is often a combination of wisdom, fun and compelling information.

My Dad loved this story and believed that one's past doesn't determine one's future; we do. #CoryStories 

I love walking and running around my neighborhood, I get to connect with folks who inform, lift, and even challenge me. These women were just awesome!

Kindness begets kindness. You never know where a simple kind act can lead. #CoryStories 

Our true well being, our liberation and our success is interwoven with each other. We are profoundly interdependent. #CoryStories 


The president is weak. And wrong. White supremacy is not a mental illness, and guns are a tool that white supremacists use to fulfill their hate.

When Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson joins the highest court in the land, I'm going to rejoice because the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, will be better because of her.

A pardon is supposed to be an instrument of justice—not a tool of corruption.

What you do matters. What you say matters. No matter how big the fight Or inevitable the conclusion seems Stand up. Speak up. Wrong, temporarily victorious Is never greater than Right, forever vigilant.

I’m running for president. Join me on this journey.

These are the 4 documents marked committee confidential that I brought up in my questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last night -->

Wearing a mask is not a surrender of liberty. It is an affirmation of love.

I've waited a long time to say this: Mitch McConnell is no longer Senate Majority Leader.

When ignorance and bigotry are allied with power, it’s a dangerous force in our country. To not stand up to this; to be silent— is to be a part of the problem.