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"We can’t predict the trajectory that monkeypox evolution will take, so we must take the threat of this virus adapting to its new hosts (humans) seriously."

"While there is no risk of vaccine-derived poliovirus infection when using the IPV, the making of IPV does lead to a potential biohazard risk. To make IPV, large volumes of infectious poliovirus must be produced and then inactivated."

Four techniques to create a better future: ◦ anticipate savouring. ◦ develop hope. ◦ imagine all your problems are all solved. Describe in detail how you achieved this. ◦ develop goals.

"This is juxtaposed with the voluntary and involuntary sacrifices that the parents make for their hostile children, highlighting the heavy load they carry. Underlining this theme, Professor Zellaby .. is racked with anxiety about her adult daughter Cassie"

People who buy vegan cheese may expect it to be as nutritious as dairy cheese. But this is rarely the case. The main ingredients in many vegan cheeses are starch and vegetable oils – usually coconut oil, or sometimes palm oil.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, COVID has infected at least a third of the UK population. COVID has also had a devastating impact on our healthcare systems – in particular for people living with long-term health conditions.

"We found that men with a brother who was a monk were wealthier, owning more yaks. But there was little or no benefit for sisters of monks. That’s likely because brothers are in competition over parental resources, land and livestock."

More than two-thirds of the global population cannot afford surgery. And yet, surgery is the primary treatment for one-third of diseases. A group of experts making surgical technology more advanced.

"Our main results showed that girls’ mental wellbeing during COVID declined more than boys’ mental wellbeing compared with before the pandemic. We observed a greater deterioration among girls compared with boys across most domains of the questionnaire."

"Both Ukraine and Moldova have undertaken significant reforms and candidate status will provide them with to EU funding and open them to external investment as businesses take candidate status as a signal that they are on the path to membership."


The conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia is worsening. Within the region, there is a food crisis. While some farmers had been killed, others were denied access to their land, or had their farm equipment looted or oxen killed, explains @emnet_negash 

How Korean popstars #BTS  became a social force by fighting for social rights

Self-determination is legal under international law – it's hypocritical to argue otherwise for Catalonia

Red capital: how Chinese companies wield political influence in Hong Kong

42 years ago, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was published (a rather significant number for those who have read it). Douglas Adams identified "42" as the answer to life, the universe and everything. A great science fiction writer. #thehitchikersguide  #TowelDay 

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Analysis of 1,000 news articles and editorials from 2006 and 2013 shows that UK newspapers have systematically ignored the evidence to influence the public against EU migrants.

Animals are disappearing from forests, with grave consequences for the fight against climate breakdown – new research

Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma has allegedly fallen out with the Beijing government. But behind the spat is a much bigger story about tech regulation.

Why we should be teaching scientific thinking rather than scientific facts #science  #edchat 

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