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Oh no. New episode of SNL tonight.

It is with a heavy heart I must announce that the journos will be at it again.
Freedom's just another word for no followers left to lose
Honestly I don't see any possible way Jussie Smollett doesn't win the 2020 Dem nomination now.
Until we establish MAGA country from coast to coast, keep your bleach bottle on you at all times, comrade


It's yet another dunk on journos on Twitter night! Tell everybody, we're about to roll out!
Now that the story doesn't go with the narrative, Jussie is about to disappear from the headlines as fast as Ralph Northam did.

The Most Relevant

It took a while, but finally humans became dumb enough to teach robots how to use guns
Republicans now control:
- Presidency
- Senate
- House
- Majority of State Houses
- Majority of Governorships
- And will pick Supreme Court
VIDEO: George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan in 1980 debate fighting over who would be more compassionate to children of undocumented immigrants
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Humans definitely won't regret creating robot snakes with lasers on their heads
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Everyone please share this video with all your Boomer relatives and friends and coworkers.
Hell, email it to them, they will fwd it to hundreds of fellow boomers.

Tell them the Dems have become a dangerous mob and that it is important to vote Republican to ensure our safety.
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Havent seen any celebs or blue checkmark all stars tweet about how much they want to punch Ralph Northam for his white supremacy
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