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Yes, Justin Jefferson is all world. We know that. Also noteworthy, Kirk Cousins meticulously sliced up a Belichick defense that has mostly humiliated young QBs for 20+ years. There are many levels to QB play. Cousins balled tonight.

The September/October Eagles are back.

He honestly looks less talented in this jersey.

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New @TheVolumeSports  podcast My reaction to the Kyrie-Mavericks trade Plus, @SIChrisMannix  on: -How Kyrie’s move affects Luka and KD -LeBron’s cryptic tweet LISTEN:

Hate that call. Not on this stage. Eagles haven’t made stops in the second half but …agree w Greg Olsen.

He will float like a butterfly 🦋 and sting like a bee 🐝 I’m changing my prediction to Jake Paul w a knockout in round three.

Tuesday Herd. Great conversation on the Warriors dynasty coming to an end. Jason Tatum concerns and Luka’s imperfections. @RicBucher 


Red wave is coming Tuesday. Don’t mess w people’s kids. It lands differently — and they will hold a grudge. Can’t blame em. That’s my Ted Talk.

Chris Paul is texting Lebron “I knew the game was tied”

The Steph Curry critics, at this point, are not interested in objectivity or truth. Just attention. Dude is a basketball marvel. A wizard. Can’t take my eyes off him.

Lebron has spent the season putting himself above his teammates. Words & actions. Separating himself. Countless side projects. Never truly buying into his HC. Part of leadership is getting over yourself and getting into others. Congrats on all the cool TV & movie projects though

Tom Izzo yelled at a basketball player. In 2019, that is apparently...too harsh. ???

The Browns organization should be absolutely embarrassed. Just gross.