Fourth July / July

When dad died and I took over farm for mother in 1960 we hoped corn wld be “knee high by Fourth of July” Now w improved genetics it’s shoulder high by July 4 #cornwatch 

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Fourth July / July

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Defence forces, RBI, the Prime Minister of India followed by the Supreme Court topped the rankings in a survey on India’s Most Trusted Institutions by researcher Ipsos.

The @WhiteHouse  has unveiled a new U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa, articulating our vision for a 21st Century U.S.-African Partnership. It recognizes the tremendous, positive opportunities that exist to advance shared interests. More:

People were forced to live on the Delhi streets after their houses were flooded. #Yamuna 

Police investigating ‘online threat’ made to JK Rowling following Rushdie tweet 🚨

Ukrainian grandmother lives in a basement for four months during war with Russia

The demonstrators carried a banner which read "August 15 is a black day" as they demanded rights to work and political participation.

A video has surfaced that shows #RakeshJhunjhunwala  dancing to a Bollywood song.

Congress leader shares old video of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala grooving to Kajra Re song

Anshu Jain, the former co-chief executive of Deutsche Bank AG, died on Saturday following a five-year battle with duodenal cancer, his family said in a statement.