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CARES Act delivers $2+ TRILLION in needed aid 2fight pandemic+save economy We must make sure massive investment is spent wisely/we cant afford waste when people are hurting I expect aggressive hard hitting oversight of programs & $$ by special inspector general and Congress

Sorry to hear abt the death of my former colleague Tom Coburn of Oklahoma He was a watchdog for the taxpayer & a dedicated public servant Barbara & I send our condolences to his family

Gov Reynolds did gr8 job at her press conference sharing important info on how Iowa is managing the covid-19 health crisis Sen Ernst also gave helpful info abt resources for Iowans in the bill we just passed to help incl $2T+ of relief for hospitals/workers/small biz/families etc

2day I pray for those who are sick/suffering/ lost a loved one/ isolated / working on the front lines to keep ppl safe during these unprecedented times We will get thru this 2gether w the strength of our loved ones/communities Keep the faith

Good 2see Cigna &Humana take initiative 2help patients during this unprecedented time Their announcement of no cost sharing for treatments after COVID-19 diagnosis for their customers gives relief 2those battling sickness Public/private partnerships r key Others shld follow suit

2day = national doctors day I applaud the tireless efforts of our doctors & health care professionals As our country faces the coronavirus pandemic our health care professionals & first responders are heroes to so many Americans THANK U!

We r learning FBI flubs on Carter Page spying case r just tip of iceberg IG audited 29 other spying applications on Americans+found problems w EVERY ONE OF THEM! Constitutional rights r at stake when FBI fails 2justify use of spying tools Reforms needed 2protect civil liberties

reassuring to hear ldrs @ Gov Reynolds press conf focus on long term care facilities &issues seniors face during covid-19 It's so important that our most vulnerable r protected w extra precautions taken for the health &safety of all involved in senior care We cant b too careful!


Senate Democrats just blocked a major move to turn this economy around &get ppl back 2work Phase 3 relief package incl recovery checks to help families pay their bills +very strongly beefed up unemployment insurance +resources for our health care system This is NO time 4 politics

Prosecuted by DOJ 4 lying 2 investigators: Flynn Stone Papadopoulos Accused of lying/leaking but never prosecuted: Comey McCabe Agent who changed FISA Many others at DOJ/FBI When did laws stop applying 2law enforcement?? DOJ/FBI shld b held 2same standard as rest of us

I don’t understand why China gets upset bc we refer to the virus that originated there the ”Chinese virus” Spain never got upset when we referred to the Spanish flu in 1918&1919

If FISA Inspector General Horowitz report doesn’t come out next week when they said it would then I will be very disappointed & left to wonder WHAT THE GAME IS?? Is someone at FBI or DOJ tying IGs hands??

Why are House Democrats cutting House Republicans out of the process of developing Articles of Impeachment and not following same procedures used in Nixon and Clinton impeachments???? Seems like a political motivation not a constitutional one!!!