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An announcement post about the ITV drama coming back proved to be completely fake

Despite widespread support for the Newcastle to Northumberland link, concerns remain about the impact an underpass could have on those living nearby

The "stupid" cannabis grower lit a cigarette while the gas was still in the air

If you're going you need to be aware of these

A very brave man for speaking out and sharing his injuries - someone must know who's responsible

Decision on James Bond style strip bar due in five days

This isn't from our area but it shows the desperation people feel when trying to get fuel for their cars

The Labour leader will tell the conference the party has changed


Filming with Harrison Ford is underway at Bamburgh Castle and across the North East

Last month Boris Johnson stood in front of Nissan workers and vowed their jobs would be protected

Ian Lavery says there was 'an anti-Corbyn environment' at Labour HQ

A club night dedicated entirely to @taylorswift13  is coming to Newcastle - and it's called Swiftogeddon!

Heartbreaking tributes to 21-year-old who was 'always smiling'

BREAKING: Appeal to find missing child shared thousands of times

Geordie accent named as most popular in the UK

Two Newcastle hospitals have been chosen as among the best in the world