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Christi Paul

#Mom of 3, #Wife, Anchor #CNN #HLN, #Author Love Isn't Supposed 2 Hurt. Partner w/Nat'l Ctr 4 Missing/Exploited Children 35 kids now home! Thx 2 you! #grateful

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Back in the @CNN  saddle this a.m. w/my buddy @Boris_Sanchez  - Check ur travel! More airline cancellations - What Jan 6 committee may do now... - Court docs revealed overnight could explain bizarre situation w/ @DjokerNole  - Covid this morning...

Good morning friends! -Djokovic reportedly being deported this hour! -80M of you under some sort of winter storm alert "Dangerous to impossible travel", power outages could last days...please take good care! -TX Synagogue hostages safe, suspect is dead. What we know abt suspect.

NYC lost a police officer last night when he was responding to a domestic call. His fellow officer seriously injured

A Harris County Deputy (Houston, TX) was shot & killed during apparent traffic stop early this morning. On heels of NYC officers shot - @RepCharlieDent  w/us next w/a personal story abt how his family was recently effected by crime & how both Dems & Reps need to move to curb it

This is how excited @CoyWire ⁩ is about his @BuffaloBills ⁩ - can you hear him?! 🤣 I always love Coy’s energy!


What does 43 seconds mean to #COVID  ? A life. @CNN  @NewDay  #43Seconds 

For all of you asking if coronavirus can be transmitted via mosquitoes or insects... Dr. Charles Powell at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC says no. Hope that helps!

Breaking overnight; Parents of MI alleged school shooter have been found & are in custody. @JoeyJacksonEsq  @juliettekayyem  @DeputyBarksdale  @ShimonPro  with all the details & what happens next

Hello #SundayMorning  friends! - Rpts that Jared Kushner is talking to @POTUS  abt conceding - @pagepate  & @eliehonig  on lawsuits @realDonaldTrump  brought against PA, NV, GA, MI & abt NY investigations into him - @brianstelter  talks SNL & @IngrahamAngle  mentioning time to concede

Lots happening this #SaturdayMorning  - @realDonaldTrump  waking up at Walter Reed Hospital this morning & now given a 1st dose of Remdesivir - More positive cases in @POTUS  circle - @drsajumathew  @sam_vinograd  @errollouis  just a few ppl w/us 6-9am @CNN  @NewDay 

With us this morning @CNN  @NewDay  ? - One person dead after shooting in Portland - @juliettekayyem  shares her thoughts on Office of National Intel cutting off election security briefings to Congress - 1,200 students test positive for COVID-19 at Univ of Alabama

Good #SaturdayMorning  friends! Here @CNN  @NewDay  waiting for you - Breaking; standoff between @POTUS  & U.S. Atty for SDNY. @eliehonig  says "everything about this is wrong" - What some of 20K ppl attending @realDonaldTrump  rally are saying - @DrLeanaWen  & @PaulSaxMD  talk COVID19

I'm excited for you to meet Christy Alarcon & her son Ryan! Ryan's 14 & has beaten cancer 3 times already but oh this journey! Now, he's doing something to help other kids w/cancer & he needs your help. They're with us in the 7am hour @NewDay  @CNN  #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth 

We want to make sure you know how to get food assistance in these difficult times. Each Saturday @CNN ⁩ @NewDay ⁩ we’re giving you info from different states to help you find resources you need. This week: GA, HI & ID. Also thinking of all of you in ID as fires start