Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

U.S. Senator from Connecticut.

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Few things to consider when deciding if Republicans should have to vote to pay the nation's bills: 1. Republicans approved $4 trillion of emergency COVID spending. 2. GOP 2019 tax cut added $2 trillion to debt. 3. Every spending bill for last 20 years passed with GOP votes.

“U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy said Thursday he was hopeful the Biden administration would grant final approval early next year to designate a wide swath of eastern Long Island Sound as a National Estuarine Research Reserve.”

There must be accountability. If there are no consequences for a strike this disastrous, it signals to the entire drone program chain of command that killing kids and civilians will be tolerated.

Good morning. Democrats want to make corporations pay their pay share, cut drug company profits, and tax billionaires… and use the $$ to… -cut taxes for non-millionaires -add dental to Medicare -cut the cost of child care -invest in clean energy jobs How does that sound?

A good read on how Donald Trump intentionally removed accountability from America’s military drone program.

I have great respect for our military leaders. They get a lot of things right. But for 20 years they were wrong on Afghanistan. They refused to admit our failure and wanted to stay forever. When generals give bad advice, no President should follow it.

The world knew George for Manolo Blahnik, but Connecticut knew George (and his husband Tony) as a great champion of farmland preservation and the innovator behind @Arethusa_Farm . He will be missed.

The NCAA is going to throw money at lobbyists to try and block progress, but the train has left the station. The days of keeping the players in poverty so that the adults could rake in billions are over.

Republicans say the 60 vote threshold is an incentive for bipartisanship and then proudly declare they are willing to destroy the economy by refusing to give a single vote to pay the nation’s bill. Got it.


The WHO had produced 1.4 million tests by the end of February. We took none of them, because Trump decided to produce his own test, then botched the development and roll out. It wasn't the WHO that put us in the position we are today. It was our own President.

This hasn't gotten enough attention, but you need to know. Everybody needs to know. 1/ It's about the massive coverup campaign underway to disguise the octopus-like Russian election interference operation being run on Trump's behalf. Please read this whole thing.

97% of Americans believe that you should have to pass a background check before you buy a gun. RT if you're one of them.

I remember the moment I saw Trump's tweet attacking Pence. We were in the chamber as aides were scrambling to bar the doors. Some were sobbing in fear. The mob was outside. Someone yelled out shots had been fired. I turned to Tim Kaine and said, "Oh my god, he's egging them on."

Soleimani was an enemy of the United States. That’s not a question. The question is this - as reports suggest, did America just assassinate, without any congressional authorization, the second most powerful person in Iran, knowingly setting off a potential massive regional war?

You spent $325,000 in taxpayer money to stage a walkout of a 49ers game in order to make perfectly clear you don’t stand by the right to peacefully protect.

Here's what I know. Republicans walked away from negotiations last night, and this morning showed up with: - no real funding to save hospitals - no real funding to save states - slush fund for corporations - no-strings bailouts for corporations This is $1.5T. Do it right.