I’m clearly in the naughty children seats at the back of the hall for Donald Trump’s speech. Much tittering at his fact-free statements on the US economy “An economic boom [in the US] the likes of which the world has never seen before”

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Week ahead: Fed minutes, Iran election, EU budget via FinancialTimes #news  #fastFT  #FT 

The Columbia-Snake River system provides low-cost and carbon-free power, balances renewables on our grid, and supports transportation and irrigation vital to our rural economies.

By advocating for dam removal, Governor Brown chose the most extreme agenda of Portland liberals over the needs of rural Oregon.  And what’s her carbon offset and firm load power substitute?

Meanwhile she and the super-majority Democrats in Salem are about to stick Oregon consumers with  high cost cap and trade regulation and taxation that will eventually lead to economic stagnation.  Now’s not the time to trash practical, carbon-free, & economy-boosting hydropower.

In Clash of the Economists, you’ll meet Adam Smith, John M. Keynes, David Ricardo. and Irving Fisher in the Schools of Thought category. Read about them then make choices from among 16 competitors in this informative game. When we unveil brackets on Tuesday, YOUR vote will count!

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NewsWatch: If you could buy only one stock for 5G and artificial intelligence, this would be it: Look at Applied Materials MARKETWATCH

infectious disease outbreak --> mass quarantines is a pretty classic example of a supply shock for which traditional economic stabilization tools may not be able to do much. let's say you send everyone a check or cut payroll taxes or whatever, they're not going to spend it.

Very very slowly, someone explain the Pale Horse ending to me.

China provides record funding for Indian tech start-ups