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How the fuck are GAY Trump Supporters gonna try to attack @DJChiChiLaRue?!

Not on my fucking watch!!!!!!!
You’ll never know how much I thank God for you everyday @LoveCliffJensen

Happy V-Day ❤️
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I want my boyfriend to wake up knowing how much I love him.

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Happy Valentines Day to my only ❤️ @LoveCliffJensen
Thank you so much, babe. And yes.. it’s a LOT of long hours & all your time & love & energy into a project
Cardi B deleted her instagram because of all the backlash to her winning a Grammy.

Here’s my thoughts..
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‘Bout to bust this Load outta my hairy fucking balls on
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Hi. I'm the "Leave Britney Alone guy". I was a meme & laughing stock for 10 years. I delt it.

You're the President-Elect. Grow up.
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@LoveCliffJensen fucked my faggot throat so good 😊 🔥
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Porn Stars & Adult Entertainers are not lazy people who can’t get a 9-5.

They are paying college tuitions, mortgages, providing for others, & SURVIVING.

They are NO less than you— just because you are on the other side of your phone screen jerking off to them.
We’re just gonna grab a quick shower

What I have learned since posting the 'Leave Britney Alone' video,

(10 years ago, today.)
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