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Chelsea Clinton

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In December, @facebook  banned claims about #covid19  vaccines “that have been debunked by public health experts.” And yet ⬇️. Especially troubling given Republican men are currently most likely to say they’re not interested in being vaccinated.

Today, state leaders should be taking every opportunity to use their power to end systemic racism. It is not enough to denounce it when you have the power to end it. Oregon's AG Ellen Rosenblum@ORDOJ  has the power to topple a racist law. And she must.

@TuckerCarlson  consistently spews racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic hate and misinformation across his platforms. He doesn’t deserve a microphone.

Very glad to read this and looking forward to Vice President Harris’s speech @UN ⁩ today. The United States should be a leader in global health. “Harris to tell UN body it's time to prep for next pandemic”

The surest path out of the pandemic is vaccinating as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. The US has the power to help now by removing patent barriers and making vaccine recipes and expertise widely available as Achal Prabhala & I discuss:

Being your daughter has been a gift, today and every day. Thanks for always showing me how it’s done. So grateful you’re Charlotte, Aidan & Jasper’s Grandma. Happy Mother’s Day to the best, @HillaryClinton ⁩!! Love you Mom ?

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We can’t donate our way out of the pandemic. As @gregggonsalves  says, “Donating 80 million vaccine doses without a plan to scale up production worldwide is like putting a Band-Aid on a machete wound.” We need tech transfer, patent waivers & investment now:

Can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with @drchethansathya . Chethan is a pediatric trauma surgeon in NYC and has invaluable insights about how to make gun violence prevention a more common conversation in doctors’ offices.


There are Trump supporters outside my parents’ house shouting through megaphones “Lock Her Up,” and I just keep thinking, I hope they’re wearing masks and some day get over 2016.

(Keep thinking: I’ve a Masters in Public Health; wrote my doctoral dissertation on global efforts to tackle AIDS pandemic; co-authored a book on global health governance; teach MPH courses on health systems & global health & I’m not qualified to lead a national #covid19  effort.)

Heartbreaking read- “Many bullies now target other children differently than they used to, with kids as young as 6 mimicking the president’s insults & the cruel way he delivers them.” Trump’s bigotry continuing to fuel bullying in schools. Shame on us all.

No sarcasm: I really wish @realDonaldTrump  had decided to sell #Trump2020  masks. Think of all the lives that could have been saved.

YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Not some states. Not just of the people who voted for you. Not just of the people who are American citizens (? 2020 census). THE UNITED STATES. It’s never too late to start acting like it.

In the mid ‘90s when I needed to reach my dad, I’d walk to the pay phone outside my high school, drop in change, dial the @WhiteHouse  operator and then be connected. Wherever he was. The President is always reachable if he or she cares to be.

Love my mom @HillaryClinton . Proud of her, every day. Proud to vote for @JoeBiden  & @KamalaHarris  in November.

Just told Aidan (who loves numbers) that it’s the 21st day of the 21st year in the 21st century and how cool is that?! And he said, without missing a beat, “Yeah, but it’s cooler it’s @JoeBiden’s first full day in the @Transition46 .” Yep, he’s my son ?!

Vaccinate your kids. Wash your hands (even at home). Don’t listen to Jim Bakker for health advice.