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Prioritizing infrastructure that incorporates green principles promises a viable alternative to China’s Belt and Road, but US, EU and UK strategies all remain underdeveloped, write @liaobug  () an @AfricaProg  (). @Theo_Beal  @CHAsiaPacific 

Chinese companies are increasingly undertaking philanthropic activities to assist refugees. Tech giant Alibaba has partnered with the @WFP  to use machine learning to map hunger.

President Zelenskiy has told the @G7  he wants the war to be over by winter. There’s a good reason for that deadline, writes @KeirGiles  @CHRussiaEurasia ) for @guardian .

In 2020, more than 60 per cent of citizens in every NATO member state said they considered climate change to be a major threat, write @armida_lm , @SigneEKoss  @ChathamHouseISR ), and @anum__f  @CH_Environment ).

Recent developments have diversified biothreats beyond what was originally concieved by the Biological Weapons Convention, warns @elsaunders_  @ChathamHouseISR ).

The normalization of SY 's ties with its Arab neighbours could see trade increase by $2.41 billion over the next four years. The Assad regime could gain as much as $2.17 billion from normalized trade. Find out more:

During the past five years, centrist policymakers have increasingly focused on how to ‘defeat’ populism, which they have tended to see in simplistic terms.

"Abortion is a health issue. It is not a criminal justice issue. Our approach is grounded in the right of a woman to choose." Jacinda Ardern@jacindaardern ) on the US Supreme Court's overturning of Roe vs Wade.

What are the implications for the UK of Scotland leaving? "The break-up of the UK would impact the position on the UN Security Council. Advocates of reform would raise whether the UK should remain a P5 member" @KirstyS_Hughes  and @Kirkbytop  discuss:

NATO is adopting a new ‘Strategic Concept’ that will, for the first time, include a direct reference to China, writes @bill_hayton  @CHAsiaPacific ).


Ahead of @COP26 , our @CH_Environment  report reveals the impact of a warming planet. ▫️10m people a year at risk from extreme temperatures🌡️ . ▫️Agricultural yields🌽 declining by 30% by 2050. ▫️700m to be exposed to severe droughts. Read in full 👇

‘I cannot imagine Mr Disraeli, Mr Gladstone, Mr Churchill or Mrs Thatcher even in their most difficult moments saying let us put parliament aside while I carry through this difficult policy that a part of my party disagrees with.’ - Sir John Major speaking at #CHLondon  in June.

'Identity and politics - it has never been a good marriage' - @GuyVerhofstadt  speaking at Chatham House today.

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'We cannot be dependent on the Chinese market. It’s not only bad for our economies, it’s bad for our geopolitical-strategic interest.' 'You will never compete and win against them, unless you take back the means of production.' @HillaryClinton  speaking @CH_Events  on Tuesday

'All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped' Agree: Poland 71% France 61% UK 47%

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‘Dirty money’ is one of Russia’s biggest weaknesses, they launder it in offshore and onshore financial centres, and the biggest of those onshore financial centres is the City of London, says @edwardlucas  Watch the event: Western Approaches Towards Russia

Security is not only about direct military defence, it’s about conflict resolution and prevention - @JeremyCorbyn  #CHcorbyn 

Britain's scorecard in blocking EU legislation is 0-72 - Lord Lawson on #Brexit :