Charles P. Pierce

I don’t want to harsh anyone’s mellow but next up on the chopping block is the ability of the executive departments to regulate, well, anything, and that’s the one the Court’s owners really want.

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Donald Trump has a copy of the search warrant. He’d show us the warrant if he were so wronged. Show it or shut it.

Every “But her emails” hat or shirt sold helps @OnwardTogether  partners defend democracy, build a progressive bench, and fight for our values. Just saying!

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Trump Drops MAJOR 2024 hint on Truth Social with new campaign ad HOURS after Deep State declares Political War on him in FBI Raid

That was fast—I'm told hats are now sold out. We'll re-stock ASAP. In the meantime, know that we've got shirts, too.

The 87,000 IRS agents Biden plans to hire is larger than the 81,000 British Army

Nitish Kumar has kept changing sides in his political career. Here's a detailed report #7At7  @Akshita_N  #NitishKumar  #Bihar  #Politics 

Olivia Newton-John hailed as an ‘angelic voice’ following death aged 73

if a president—any president—breaks the law, i want him indicted. this opinion is less widely shared among americans today than is necessary for democracy.

Transparency brings accountability & if the FBI & DOJ aren’t transparent about raiding a former presidents home they risk further damaging their credibility I’ve already raised issues from whistleblowers abt political bias in investigations so we’ve got a right 2b skeptical

Excited to be at the White House on this beautiful morning w @ChrisVanHollen  awaiting @POTUS  who will sign into law the #CHIPSAct . We are making America more competitive by bringing crucial manufacturing capacity home and fostering innovation and scientific discovery.

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