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Fox is going full-tilt boogie conspiracy bullshit. And the replacement anchors are grasping for their main chance. Hysteria reigns.

Can we talk about tonight's news coming right when I'm starting my quarantining because the COVID has come to call?

48 years ago tonight, I was in a hospital room in Milwaukee where my roommate was in traction because he'd screwed up his back. He was doped to the gills. We watched Nixon resign on TV, and he came out of his stupor to roar..."They elected that bastard again?" Good times.

Fox has Eric on, and he would like you to know that his father "never had as much as a parking ticket" before he ran for president.

I am not a well man so I will not spend today explaining (again) what a complete fraud the movie "Field of Dreams" is.

There is no darkness that Republicans won't follow Trump into now.

And a characteristically stupid one

I have just listened to Knopfler's closing theme to "Local Hero" three times in a row and I don't care who knows it. "Are there two Gs in 'Bugger off'?"

That is the most prosaic childhood injury I've ever heard of, Big Daddy B.


Trump's parade should be mocked, relentlessly and everywhere, by every American who still has a sense of dignity and a vague memory of what an actual celebration of patriotism feels like.

I might just be an old legacy media dude, but I think the revelation that a president*'s son was bragging to the WH COS that they could overturn a national election should be a slightly bigger news story than it is.

I am not kidding. We need UN election observers in Georgia...the state, not the country.

13 people got shot in Milwaukee last night. 10 people shot to death in a Buffalo supermarket today. THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES

If you thought you wouldn't live long enough to hear a president mock a guy going thru chemo for brain cancer, congratulations. You made it.

If you’re keeping score at home, it’s too dangerous to hold the convention in Jacksonville but safe to open schools.

I say we take away Joel Osteen's tax-exemption and we give it to Mattress Mack.

Can we at least mention that the Senate Judiciary voted to put a blogger w/no legal experience on the federal bench for life?

Carl and Bob and Lesley Stahl all think Ford did the right thing with the Nixon pardon. All three of them are wrong. It was the beginning of the embedding in our politics of the notion that presidential accountability is not in the national interest.