The EU promotes its interests and values in the world. With China, engaging openly on all aspects of our relationship is the only way forward. Today we addressed Russia’s war against Ukraine & its consequences, global challenges and the full breadth of our bilateral relationship.

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Fauci is charging up to $100,000 for speaking engagements. Maybe he can donate some of that money to the small businesses he helped close.

GOP’s attempts to hit Biden on China fall flat in light of Trump-era balloons

Joe Biden has refused to secure our Border, but he made sure to put the fence back up around the Capitol ahead of the State of the Union. Democrats know Walls work but they only use them to protect themselves instead of everyday Americans.

What they did over the weekend was the opposite of good faith: deceptively leaking classified information on background to point the finger at the last administration to excuse their own failures. Caught, they now ‘fess up and plead honest mistake. Give me a break.

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UBS’s desk crossed an $81 million stake in HomeCo Daily Needs REIT before the market opened on Tuesday, representing 3 per cent stake in the company.

In just two years, some of Biden's accomplishments include: - historic inflation - a gas crisis -a supply-chain crisis - a baby formula crisis - a border crisis -a botched Afghanistan withdrawal

The reports of devastation and loss from Türkiye and Syria are tragic. My heart breaks for the victims of these earthquakes, and we must work to help those in desperate need of assistance.

NEW: MCCARTHY lays out some broad principles in debt limit speech in the Capitol. No specifics on cuts — besides no touching social security and Medicare. But a tiny bit more than he’s said before.

Biden to deliver State of the Union address as polls show declining support - live

Tom Brady divides fans after posting mirror selfie in his boxers to complete bet