Chad Pergram

Chad Pergram

Chad Pergram covers Congress for FOX News. He's won an Edward R. Murrow Award and the Joan Barone Award for his reporting on Capitol Hill.

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Hse Apps Cmte releases FY ‘21 Legislative Branch spending bill. $4.198 billion, $207 million above FY ‘20 enacated level.

Schumer: While it’s a good start that the administration has finally started to make public some information about which small businesses received PPP loans, it’s a shame it took this long..more transparency is still needed

WH’s McEnany says there’s no update on the next phase of coronavirus relief. Pushes for a payroll tax cut, which lacks support on both sides on Capitol Hill

Jordan letter to US Park Police: I respectfully request more information about the steps that the federal law enforcement, including the U.S. Park Police (USPP), is taking to protect federal property from looting and destruction.

From Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill on her husband being an investor in a firm which received PPP funds: “He’s an investor. He wasn’t involved in the application for the loan nor was he aware of it.”

From colleague Bill Mears. Congressional Democrats ask SCOTUS to review lawsuit over Trump/Constitutional emoluments clause. Brief filed w/High Court by 215 Dems. SCOTUS won't likely decide if it will hear the case until early fall. A ruling would then be a year away

Jordan to Acting DEA Admin Shea over Stone sentencing: "Because you were the senior official within the U.S. Attorney’s Office at the relevant time, we ask you please provide your recollection of events surrounding the sentencing of Mr. Stone."


Dem HI Rep Gabbard on her “present” vote on impeachment: I could not in good conscience vote for impeachment because removal of a sitting President must not be the culmination of a partisan process, fueled by tribal animosities that have so gravely divided our country.

Fox confirms WH directs Army Corps of Engineers to see if it can divert money to border wall from disaster funding bill to cover wildfires in California, hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico

Dem TN Rep Cohen intros resolution for Hse to begin impeachment inquiry into Barr. Has 35 co-sponsors. Says "Barr obstructs justice by favoring the President’s friends and political allies. He abuses his power by using the DoJ to harass, intimidate & attack disfavored Americans"

Fox confirms: Dan Bongino scheduled to testify at House Judiciary hearing on police abuse tomorrow, per committee sources

Rush Limbaugh arrives at the Capitol for State of the Union

Grassley on FISA: Not a single application from the past 5 yrs reviewed by the IG was up to snuff. That’s alarming..The IG’s decision to bring these failures to the director’s attention before its audit is even completed underscores the seriousness of these findings