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Caroline Moss

I’m 15, I’m crazy, and I love makeup. I write books for kids, books for adults, and I recommend weird and good and useful stuff you can buy. I’m not 15.

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never not thinking about the cis men who used to put things like "never trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die" in their AOL profiles when they were in 8th grade

never not thinking about my boyfriend from college, a 22-year-old cis man who thought we ATE the tampons to stop the blood

The white Christian male fetish for the unborn is honestly the mental health problem in this country that needs the most attention

Nancy Pelosi has already asked me for $9 three different times today and it's not even lunchtime

Never not thinking about the cis men who think babies grow in stomachs :(

May the replies of UNSUBSCRIBE we send to elected dems texting us for money light the way

Nothing makes me want to vote for dems less than seeing the unveiling of their big political strategy: aggressively texting me from 17 different numbers to convince me that the reason Roe was overturned yesterday is because I didn’t donate $7 on ActBlue

It’s no one’s job to be ride or die for a political party whose entire identity is “at least we’re not the other guys”

ugh saw Catholic Church was trending and for a minute got excited that maybe it had died

Perfectly normal, all of this


Just realized in 25 years there’s gonna be an American Girl doll who lived through the coronavirus pandemic and her $86 accessories will be a little Nintendo Switch, a tiny thing of Clorox wipes and fake bread that she learned to bake herself from a YouTube video.

Friendly reminder that phase 3 doesn’t mean it’s safer to go to the movies or get your nails done than it was in march, it just means that both the state and federal government don’t care if you die doing it

Is anyone else’s brain so broken that you’re beating yourself up for not being productive enough about work during an unprecedented global pandemic ?? ??

did my order SHIP or did you just create the LABEL

If you go to therapy quote tweet this with the best thing you learned at therapy that way everyone else can get free therapy

I cannot stop thinking about this

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Some personal news! As of this morning, an administrative task I put off for four (4) months is now complete; it took me 8 minutes and was painless.

They should charge to perform at zoom weddings holy shit

California is shutting down again and i'll say it, we should have never reopened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!