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Caroline Lucas

MP for Brighton Pavilion, former leader and co-leader of @TheGreenParty, Mum

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Really enjoyed being “in conversation” with the wonderful @jonathonporritt  about his brilliant new book #HopeinHell , as well as coronavirus, what government are up to & how we must #BuildBackbetter  to avoid climate catastrophe 👉

Looks like hugely welcome support 🙏 Not seen detail, BUT - Let’s make sure funds find their way to the smallest as well as the largest venues - And *please* @RishiSunak ⁩ - do something now for the self-employed! #SaveOurVenues  #LetTheMusicPlay 

The #DomesticAbuseBill  must protect *all* survivors, so it's unacceptable that migrant women have been left out This leaves them more vulnerable & sends out message that their protection doesn't matter. It does & the Bill must reflect this @riseuk 

Great to see a growing coalition of over 20 organisations & group of cross party MPs urging Government to #makethelink  between gender-based violence & treating #misogyny  as a #hatecrime  Here’s hoping that #amend35  is successful in today’s debate on the #DomesticAbuse  Bill

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Every survivor of domestic abuse has the right to be safe & that must include the right to be anonymous Identifying them in the media creates yet more fear & risk My amendment to #DomesticAbuse  bill would offer same anonymity as is given to survivors of sexual assault @riseuk 

Government’s long-delayed #Magnitsky  sanctions regime is very welcome For far too long the UK has been a safe haven for dirty money gained through corruption and abuse of human rights But the regime must also urgently cover corruption in its scope as other countries do

Giving survivors of domestic abuse press anonymity would protect them & encourage reporting of abuse Such protection is already given to survivors of domestic assault. Domestic abuse should have it too That's what I called for in #DomesticAbuse  bill as part of @riseuk  campaign

Good that Ministers are seeing jobs potential of energy efficiency investments But UK’s £3bn compares with Germany’s £36bn & France’s £13bn It’s a drop in the ocean of what’s needed - & needs to be matched with regulation to make it happen fast enough

This is utterly shameless. The prime minister has already tried to shift blame for his disastrous handling of Covid to sicentists. Now it's care homes He needs to accept that responsibility for the UK's high infection & death rate rests solely with him

Pleased that Chancellor sees importance of green investment, but he needs to go much further & faster If he needs a *shovel ready* plan, we’ve got one - the #GreenNewDeal  Bill that @labourlewis  & I are presenting today More from us in @theipaper  👇


The BBC asked me if Trump's actions can be explained by a lack of experience. No, it's because he's a racist bigot. #StandUpToTrump 

PM really did just say “I’m proud of our record” on #Covid19  Would that be the record of having highest excess deaths in Europe? Or being worst hit in Europe for percentage increase in deaths? With test & trace still not fully up & running, this beggars belief #PMQs 

Just urged the Prime Ministers to give 16/17 year olds a vote on June 8th. @AngusRobertson  agreed. RT if you do too.

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Extraordinary that Hancock still gets away with claiming care homes enjoyed a 'protective ring from the start'. Utterly untrue - does he think we’ve forgotten about lack of testing, PPE & untested discharges from hospitals? Will they never take responsibility for mistakes? #Marr 

Around 100,000 Tory party members have inflicted on us a prime minister with a record of bigotry, racism, lying and incompetence #BorisJohnson  This is not democracy This is #NotInOurName 

Michael Gove on #Marr  - a masterclass in blame-shifting, obfuscation, weasel-words and evasion - and with his insulting suggestion that teachers don’t care about their students, a heavy dollop of emotional blackmail too.

Matt Hancock how dare you try to deflect blame for inadequate PPE supplies by insinuating overuse by NHS staff is the problem Lecturing them that it’s a “precious resource” is unforgivable -those putting lives on line know its value -get your act together

Ah, just found the trapdoor to No Deal. Clause 30 - if the Government doesn’t propose an extension to the transition, MPs have no say, & therefore if negotiations on future relationship unfinished by end of December next year, we’re out - it’s #NoDeal 

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This attack on our impartial civil service is completely unacceptable. The more so because the hand behind it belongs to an unelected official who treats rules - & the rest of us - with contempt

Just for the avoidance of doubt: The Tories dutifully trooping through the No lobbies right now are voting *against* an amendment that says its aim is to “protect the right for unaccompanied child refugees to be reconciled with their family after Brexit”. Words fail me...