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Jonathan Capehart

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You look so much like your mom. 🥰

Have a listen to this powerful 4th of July commentary from @MichaelSteele ⁩! 🔥✊🏾

Going for my second hair cut at BathTub Barbershop. That's what my husband calls it.

When you have a feeling Monday is gonna get messed up!

WATCH (esp if you want to see Aunt Gloria!)👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾Edwards, Capehart: Joe Biden has an ‘embarrassment of riches’ with current VP contenders

I am late to reading this 🔥 from @caroranwill ⁩, but so glad I did. She holds the mirror up and demands you look -- and she doesn't care if it makes you feel bad. That's the point. You should.


The Attorney General failed to acknowledge the white nationalists involved in the protests, as warned by every Minnesota official who has spoken today.

Just a reminder of what standing up to power looks like.....

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Why can't Bill Barr say "White supremacist groups" the way he says "Antifa"?

I pray no governor of any party listens to the President of the United States.

Waiting on Republicans to thunder with patriotic indignation over this. 🤭🤔

HISTORIC! @repjohnlewis  visits BLACK LIVES MATTER Plaza with @MayorBowser . An honor to witness it.

Every time President Trump attacks April Ryan, she gets death threats. His unsolicited attack on her is characteristically unpresidential, reprehensible and beneath contempt. #unfit  #threattodemocracy 

Transgender Americans now in the military have already displayed more courage than their current commander in chief, who never served.

Vice President Pence has mastered the breathy earnestness of saying nothing and doing less.