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Brief history of slavery and the Origins of American Policing

Yes. Do you know of any links I can retweet?

True queen. Sending my love.

Keep safe out there. Thinking of you.

Brazil is always in my thoughts. Stay safe.


@Louis_Tomlinson love it!! Great work mate

Thank you thank you thank you for voting your asses off. This is so rad.

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Thankya for all the birthday love. Happy birthday to you too.

The Internet will be the death of us all

I will never forget you guys giving us the opportunity to go from playing to 12 people to 25,000 people. There is so much love.

Hi! I'm taking a break from Twitter at the moment.. But I'm thinking of all of you. ❤️

This song was written for you. This video was made for you by you. Here you go.

You know someones tired when their laugh slowly turns into crying

Whooooole lotta negative people going round twitter these days. Don't get caught up in it! ❤️