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Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber on the lengthened curfew and delayed reopening of beaches due to protests sparked by the death of George Floyd: "Obviously this pandemic hasn't repaired any of the racial divides in our country. If anything it just laid them bare or magnified them."

“It is the right move to do for the time being, for the next couple of days until we can regain control of the streets and stem the destruction.” - Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins on Mayor Jacob Frey imposing a nighttime curfew throughout the city.

“We have had for years, the ability to work with law enforcement, to look at whether or not there is a pattern or practice of unconstitutional behavior. This administration has, sadly, turned away from that practice,” former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says.

"It’s so out of touch,” Susan Rice reacts to WH national security adviser Robert O’Brien saying that he doesn’t think systemic racism in US police forces exist. “I’m the mother of a black son… I live with that visceral fear that something terrible could happen to them.”

“I’m watching these images, the first thing that came to mind is, America is a tinderbox and Donald Trump’s tongue is a flame right now. Each time he opens his mouth, he throws another match on the fire,” Atlanta Mayor@KeishaBottoms  says.

“We want peace,” a protester marching in Los Angeles tells @KyungLahCNN . "We’re trying to tell the police, all over the country, if you just march with us you’re showing that you’re not standing in solidarity for a system that has oppressed people for hundreds of years."

“The National Guard has presented a lot of pain to many people during the civil rights era. If we do need to use them... They can be used in very tactical ways to protect property… but the well-trained police should be used to interact with the crowd,” a fmr. NYPD captain says.


.: I can tell you the facts: The United States was attacked, and today, President Trump sided with the enemy.

"We have a core problem. We have a President without shame, who is backed by a party without spine, that is supported by a network called Fox News, without integrity," says author , of Donald Trump.

JUST IN @CNN : Congressional staffers walk out from jobs, protesting lack of indictments:

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BREAKING: What first appeared to be a gesture indicating North Korea might be willing to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, appears to have been little more than a propaganda effort for the world's cameras, reports