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Alyssa Milano says she is losing her hair after long battle with COVID-19

Trump administration considers order to deny entry to some U.S. citizens and green card holders

Ancient "terror crocodiles" used banana-sized teeth to eat everything in sight, even dinosaurs

Barack Obama says Joe Biden "nailed this decision" in picking Kamala Harris to be his running mate

Colorado Springs officer suspended after investigation finds he posted "Kill them all" on protest livestream

Putin claims Russia has developed a coronavirus vaccine

New Zealand racing to find source of first new virus cases in more than 100 days

New Jersey school district changes course on "fruitless" plan for in-person learning after over 400 teachers opt out

WATCH: Hundreds of dolphins stampede off the coast of Dana Point, California on Sunday (📹: @WhaleWatchingTV )


ACT OF LOVE: This 99-year-old man walks six miles every single day -- no matter the weather -- to visit his wife in the hospital. And listening to him talk about her will renew your faith in love.

Aurora police chief shows the photos of three former officers smiling and reenacting a chokehold near the site of Elijah McClain's arrest

Every day, this elderly woman says "hello" to school kids as they pass by her house. When they found out their beloved neighbor was moving, hundreds of kids left school to give her one last "goodbye."

When she dropped to one knee to propose, her girlfriend didn't say yes -- she did something better.

Barcelona's Liceu Opera House reopened its doors for the first time in over three months to hold a concert for an audience of nearly 2,300 house plants

Stranger stops to offer 20-year-old ride to work; days later, he returns with surprise that brings the man to tears

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying”: Spring breakers are still flocking to Miami, despite coronavirus warnings.

When twins Kamari and Kamera opened a lemonade stand, someone questioned if they had a permit to run it. So, they got one – and last week, they had an hour-long wait for lemonade 💛

The family of this 4-year-old says they did everything right, but the little boy still contracted coronavirus and had to fight for his life in a Denver ICU

In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”