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UNITED AT LAST! A New York father and daughter lived their entire lives never knowing they were family -- until now. A global DNA test helped the woman find out she was the child of a famous U.S. diplomat. More here: #CBSNewYork 

PRICE IS RIGHT RECORD! Meet the New Jersey man who just set a record as the biggest winner on 'the Price Is Right' -- winning over $200,000 with just one throw of the Plinko chips. See it here: #CBSNewYork 

KEEPING TEENS HEALTHY: Medical experts are pushing for more parents to have their teens receive wellness checks, even if they're not sick. Doctors are stressing the need to get more adolescents vaccinated. More here: #CBSNewYork 

HALLOWEEN HERO: A mom of a child with autism has gone viral after explaining why her son will be using a blue trick-or-treat bucket this Halloween. Thousands of people have already shared her message. Find out why here: #CBSNewYork 

TRAGEDY IN THE RING: A boxer from Long Island has died after being knocked out during a match in Chicago. Patrick Day had been in a coma for the last 4 days. More here: #CBSNewYork 

THIS JUST IN: A 65-year-old woman has been killed by a hit-and-run driver in Brooklyn. Police say the car was turning right onto Ocean Avenue around 5 p.m. when it struck the victim. More here: #CBSNewYork 

PREPARE FOR A SCARE: One of the most famous haunted houses in New Jersey has made its way to Manhattan. Can you handle what's inside? See it here: #CBSNewYork 

THIS JUST IN: The NYPD has arrested the suspect they say killed one man and wounded 11 others during a block party in Brownsville this summer. More here: #CBSNewYork 

Hold on to your hat! High wind warnings are in effect today. @VMurdockTV  has the latest forecast:

Yesterday's nor'easter brought torrential rain, but today we're dealing with gusty winds that could leave behind even more destruction. @jennamdeangelis  reports:


Federal immigration officials say two alleged child rapists are on the run after New York and New Jersey authorities refused to hold the suspects in jail for ICE.

#BREAKING: All five gang members accused in the #JusticeForJunior  murder case have been found guilty on all counts.

Heads up: @NJTRANSIT  says riders should prepare for large crowds and long wait times around this weekend’s @BTS_twt  concerts at @MLStadium .

. lands at this Saturday, but The Army has been camping out all weekend for the K-pop supergroup of "seven very attractive men" - reports: #kpop  #nyc 

Thousands Gather At Citi Field For BTS Concert

Today is the day @BTS_twt  fans have been waiting for - they're playing a free concert in Central Park.

AMAZING WINTER VISITOR: This hungry buck didn't seem to mind the storm in Staten Island! Thanks to Theresa Nicholson for sharing to #SocialSnowPatrol