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Five former Memphis police officers are facing felony murder charges for the death of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old father who died three days after a traffic stop turned violent. The district attorney said video of the arrest will be released to the public tomorrow.

With mounting questions over the scope of classified materials that might now sit in unsecured locations, the National Archives has begun calling on former presidents and vice presidents from the last six administrations to verify that no classified documents are in their files.

In Monterey Park, CA, the mystery deepened around why the 72-year-old shooter opened fire in that dance studio. Police say, according to witnesses, he hadn't visited the studio for at least five years. Investigators are now trying to determine why he targeted the 11 victims.

U.S. special forces killed a top ISIS leader and 10 other terrorist operatives Wednesday night in a remote area of Somalia. Senior administration officials say the raid was planned months in advance and received the green-light this week from President Biden.

Russia lashed out on Thursday by launching a wave of missiles a day after the U.S., Germany, and European allies pledged to send top-of-the-line tanks to help Ukrainian forces.

More Americans are choosing to use "buy now, pay later" features when shopping online. It's a new popular trend, with consumers spending billions on these new payment programs. We take a look at the risk and benefits of this booming industry.

In New York City, a federal jury convicted an ISIS-inspired terrorist who killed eight people by ramming into them on a bike path with a rented truck. The 34-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan now faces a possible death sentence for the 2017 attack.

Netflix has announced that near the end of this fiscal quarter, it will begin charging subscribers who share their account outside their household as it attempts to crack down on password sharing.

It’s hard to imagine the bond between a mother and daughter growing any closer, but a recent trip spanning five months, 14 states, and almost 22,000 miles along the Appalachian trail did just that.


DADS ON DUTY: After a violent week of fighting at a Louisiana high school, parents knew something had to change. So, a group of dads decided to show up not just for their kids - but for the whole student body - to help maintain a positive environment. @SteveHartmanCBS  has more.

Intel chairman says Russia hired more than 1000 hackers to create fake, anti-Clinton news in key states, won by Trump. , now

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"They didn't care about [Hillary Clinton's] emails. And you know how you know? Because if they did, they'd be up in arms right now as the Chinese are listening to the president's iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart. It turns out, I guess it wasn't that important," Obama says.

WILD ALTERCATION: Two pigs fought off a black bear in Connecticut that hopped over their enclosure and began attacking.

The anger toward Congressman-elect George Santos is growing as dozens of his constituents held a demonstration calling on the New York Republican to resign. He’s been under fire for lying about his education, work experience and even his faith and family.

There’s a tiny superhero with a special gift for capturing the hearts of the homeless in AlabamaSteve Hartman caught up with the caped crusader

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who according to Indiana state records provided an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim, tells those who doubt the veracity of children needing abortion: “Come spend a day in my clinic.”

HISTORIC DEPLOYMENT: CBS News has been given exclusive access to the Army’s 101st Airborne Division as they are deployed to Europe for the first time since the last World War. They are now the closest U.S. forces to the fight in Ukraine.