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Despite the referees overzealous flag throwing, the Cowboys are committing too many penalties as a “good” team. You can’t gift your opponent a ton of yards and still win games. #LVvsDAL 

The shanked punt and two penalties have crushed the @Giants  on this drive. Can’t gift teams free yards..

No way that should be considered a catch. DB punched the pocket perfectly.

I know the #NFL  is a cold business but watching the lack of concern or empathy from the scouts, coaches and observers following David Ojabo’s injury bugs me. Perhaps someone should’ve checked on him instead of grabbing the ball and moving to the next drill. Just a thought..

As for Andy Reid and the @Chiefs  , the WR spot is a replaceable position in that system. Reid spent his formative coaching years with Mike Holmgren with the @packers  and the general belief was that the scheme/QB creates the WR. No need for a 1st rounder either.. #NFLDraft 

The hit was definitely a penalty and ejection worthy, but the QB should be blamed for throwing the WR into a blowup.. The SS was sitting in the curl/flat from the snap.. At some point, QBs need to read the coverage and avoid making throws into crowds.. Rules can’t change that

I would love to know what the internal expectations were for this team in each of the past two years. Back-to-back one-and-done coaches who were tasked with winning with an inferior roster and no QB. It’s not only a bad look, but it continues to make a mockery of hiring process


Hmmm... I guess a team full of social activists can focus on ? while also helping those in the community. Maybe more teams should embrace and encourage their players' pursuits outside of football. The #Eagles  success proves the "distraction" narrative is a myth..

After watching 3 1/2 quarters of this game, I have no idea how coaches are going to teach defensive players how to make a "legal" tackle in the . I'm looking at textbook wrap-up tackles drawing flags tonight. I just don't know how you can legislate contact out of the game

The term “franchise” QB is loosely thrown around these days. What you’re seeing from Mahomes is what the term should mean. A dominant payer at the position with the capacity to take over the game when needed. If your QB can’t do that, he’s not a franchise player. #TENvsKC 

No one will want to hear this but tape w/CLE is not as bad as you think... I can see why teams are checking in w/ the Heisman Trophy winner after the “buzz” started building after scouts saw him at a few Pro Days...If he handles biz off the field, he’s getting a shot

Every guy that takes a snap from center isn't a $20M player. Teams need to quit overpaying average QBs simply because they play the position

Thoughts on Pro Day workout.. 1. A+ arm talent 2. MLB pitcher with every pitch in the bag. Drive throws, touch, timing & anticipation. 3. Game/Arm talent fits old school systems DH is the classic drop back passer who has dominated the league the past 30 years

Father Time is closing in on the 2004 QB class.Big Ben, Eli & Rivers are nearing the end of the road. 2018 draft might signal the end of era

Since the football world doesn’t really value RBs from a monetary standpoint, I wonder if Hunt, Kamara, Howard and Conner will get paid when it’s their time.. Everyone loves them when they’re cheap, but they don’t really like them when it’s time to write a big check ?