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"The Southern part of me is always going to come out... It doesn’t matter where you live, or where you’ve been, there’s certain stuff you keep." https://t.co/MsjWlXMlVl
Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa was at @KTLA this morning. People are always mistaking the two of us
Happiness, I have discovered, is nearly always a rebound from hard work. -David Grayson
Always wanted to share your new research findings w/brighest minds in #radiology? Submit abstract for #ACR2018 https://t.co/3y2UkO7fPz @RLI_ACR @ACRYPS @ACRRFS
The strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose.
In light of Selma Hayek's @nytimes op ed, this damning video that suggests Hollywood always knew about Harvey Weinstein is even more poignant https://t.co/SIggIAA3sG
A pleasure as always - Thanks Joe @Resultant and everyone else. Enjoy the rest of your day! #kareochat
When you want an easy low-carb dinner, this Marinate-All-Day Greek Lemon Chicken is always a hit! And the best part of making your own roast chicken is the great smells that will fill your house! >>> https://t.co/JHnkoCpyDv
A love letter to your vagina: products for better sex, less leakage, and that always-fresh feeling. https://t.co/Bm57VoERB3
It’s always the way. A scientist sees a natural disaster coming our way, nobody listens, then BOOM it’s too late. Luckily this mostly happens in LA. Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche star in Volcano at 6.55pm.
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