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America is ready for a candidate who combines the entrepreneurial background of Donald Trump with the facial hair of @daveweigel 

Broke: Attacking politicians for being pawns of Hillary ClintonWoke: Attacking politicians for being pawns of Bernie SandersBespoke: Attacking politicians for being pawns of Martin O'Malley

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@JoshuaMZeitz  @SeanTrendeT  @greenfield64he  statute is the Electoral Count Act and it is unclear whether it is binding law or simply procedure that can be changed

I crush all your wildest fantasies about the Democrats's ability to block a replacement for RBG before Election Day for @GENmag 

Mfume says Klacik ‘doesn’t know’ Baltimore and misspelled it in campaign spot

Report says pandemic exposed conditions and risk for migrant crab pickers on the Eastern Shore

Corey Johnson on Why He’s Dropping Out of the New York City Mayoral Race via @intelligencer 

In the UK, they count overnight and you don't get the results until the next morning. However, they make up for this by having all the candidates in each constituency stand next to each other for the results to be announced, reality show style.


Greg Gianforte just body slammed me and broke my glasses

Of Kanye West's 18 electors in Ohio, six appear to live at the same address in Cleveland

So I called up a Kanye elector and he was cagey about why he had signed up for it. After, I googled him and saw there was an RNC delegate by the same name. I called him up again to ask and he said "Yup, that would be me." The call then quickly ended

Rather than spend the night in Dublin, Pence will stay at a Trump owned resort on the other side of Ireland and commute for the day on Air Force Two

Kamala Harris's selection means that the Democratic ticket will not have someone with an Ivy League degree for the first time since 1984