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In which I refer to Mike Lindell as a "mustachioed mattress topper mogul"

You need a health cure or some ginseng if you consume oleander in RDR2 so it definitely can't be good

Also, what appears to be "insurrection act now as a result of the assault""

I reached out to the lawyer apparently being floated for acting National Security Advisor by Mike Lindell at the White House. He was very very confused by all of this

Apparently it's a parody and not real

This CNN correction is fake but want to make clear that my point on how to improve it stands

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Maryland Gov. Hogan declares state of emergency in advance of President-Elect Biden’s inauguration next week

You should really pursue a career as the @ddale8  of Onion articles. It would suit you.


Rather than spend the night in Dublin, Pence will stay at a Trump owned resort on the other side of Ireland and commute for the day on Air Force Two

Of Kanye West's 18 electors in Ohio, six appear to live at the same address in Cleveland

Greg Gianforte just body slammed me and broke my glasses

So I called up a Kanye elector and he was cagey about why he had signed up for it. After, I googled him and saw there was an RNC delegate by the same name. I called him up again to ask and he said "Yup, that would be me." The call then quickly ended

Kamala Harris's selection means that the Democratic ticket will not have someone with an Ivy League degree for the first time since 1984