John Lewis

Not many of us get to live to see our own legacy play out in such a meaningful, remarkable way. John Lewis did:

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John Lewis

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A witness told me they saw GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert throw a mask back at a floor staffer when she was offered one while trying to walk onto the floor maskless. Members can now be fined in the House when maskless

Democrats are now putting on masks — not because the vaccine suddenly stopped working — they’re wearing masks because it is a virtue signal of submissiveness.

The CDC’s decision yesterday wasn’t science, it was politics.

The abusive treatment of 1/6 defendants -- imprisoned before trial in solitary -- is largely ignored due to fear of being accused of sympathizing with them if you object: Just as neocons accused those who objected to the abuses of the 1st War on Terror of sympathy for Al Qaeda.

As Majority Leader, I will not pass an infrastructure package that does not reduce carbon pollution at a scale commensurate with the urgent climate crisis we face. And that’s exactly what Democrats will do.

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More than 80% of Americans are worried about the rising cost of living. More than 70% are worried about slamming our economy with big tax hikes.  But Democrats’ big priority is another reckless taxing & spending spree that would give Americans $3.5T more reasons to worry.

11:26:24 a.m. - On motion to adjourn Roll Call 231 - Yea and Nay vote pending.

The Israeli estimate of relatively high immune escape from Delta that a lot of you were freaking out about now looks like it was the result of sloppy statistical analysis.