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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell discusses Labour’s defeat on #Marr  "The establishment owns the media in this country... anyone who challenges the system, of course the system will throw the kitchen sink at you"

General election 2019: Let the Labour leadership battle commence

#Marr : When will the Russia report be published? Conservative Rishi Sunak: “I can’t tell you exactly when... it will be published when it is appropriate”

It’s been quite a year. Here are some of the highlights on #Marr , accompanied by #Marrmusic 

General election 2019: Welsh MP tells Tories to repay voters' faith

"You cannot hold Scotland in the union against its will" Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the SNP's success in the general election gives her a mandate to hold a new referendum on independence [tap to expand] #indyref2 

Ministers 'reviewing licence fee evasion sanction'

General election 2019: Johnson to welcome new MPs to Westminster


“It is not too late. We have an interview prepared. Oven-ready, as Mr Johnson likes to say” Andrew Neil issues a challenge for Boris Johnson to commit to an interview with him, to face questions on why people have “deemed him to be untrustworthy”

#PeoplesVoteMarch organisers say more than a million people joined protests in central London [tap to expand] #Brexit 

Conservative MP attacked "ideologically driven" colleagues with "gold-plated pensions and inherited wealth" for ignoring the "reality" of Brexit.

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The most British thing you'll see today happened in Downing Street this morning, and it involved and a thoughtful police officer [tap video to expand]

"I do worry that people are starting to imagine that a trade deal with Australia is somehow a substitute for being on the doorstep of a market with 500 million people, it's not" says former Australian PM Julia Gillard on #Brexit  #politicslive