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“There is a group of people around the heart of government who have a radical vision for the future” says Philip Hammond, they “look to the American Republican right, and the agenda of the neo-Conservatives, for the future of Britain#andrewneilshow 

Brexit: 'No deal tonight', UK government source says

“I’m as sure as you can be” that any new deal presented by the prime minister will have an amendment attached to it by MPs requiring a referendum to approve it, Labour’s @JennyChapman  tells @afneil  #andrewneilshow 

“It’s not my preferred way forward, but if we’ve tried everything else, and we cannot find another way out of this impasse, a second referendum may be the only way” – @PhilipHammondUK  tells @afneil  #andrewneilshow 

Brexit: PM heads to EU summit as deal hangs in balance


#PeoplesVoteMarch organisers say more than a million people joined protests in central London [tap to expand] #Brexit 

"There are not enough doctors, there are not enough nurses. The NHS is being destroyed, and now you come here for a press opportunity" The father of a sick child confronts Boris Johnson on a visit to a London hospital

Conservative MP attacked "ideologically driven" colleagues with "gold-plated pensions and inherited wealth" for ignoring the "reality" of Brexit.

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"When they ask you out, they don't present their rage... they don't threaten, criticise, control, yell" MPs applaud and comfort Labour's Rosie Duffield, as she shares her own experience of being in an abusive relationship

The most British thing you'll see today happened in Downing Street this morning, and it involved and a thoughtful police officer [tap video to expand]

"I do worry that people are starting to imagine that a trade deal with Australia is somehow a substitute for being on the doorstep of a market with 500 million people, it's not" says former Australian PM Julia Gillard on #Brexit  #politicslive