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Latest Scoops

London youth services suffering 'shocking' decline, AM warns https://t.co/hsfB19kiNq
'Drunk and high' driver jailed over Croydon fatal crash https://t.co/neeWauCa3l
Love in London contest sees photos displayed across city https://t.co/xCU3N3NBgd
Sophie Lionnet death: Nanny 'pushed to confirm Boyzone claims' https://t.co/DLGGLUI0FM
A lorry driver has admitted knocking a Labour peer off his mobility scooter and killing him
Elizabeth Hurley nephew stabbing: CCTV of car released https://t.co/AfBNGFpHyd
Grenfell Tower: Council spends £21m on keeping survivors in hotels - and dozens are still in emergency accommodation https://t.co/cQwInMD9xe
Two men have been stabbed to death in separate attacks in London https://t.co/JG3591B6lE
Potholes: 'I hit a pothole and suffered a bleed on the brain' https://t.co/AWZpiwsAQs
A man has been taken to hospital after being shot by a police officer during an alleged armed robbery in east London https://t.co/2kRNVEA2I0
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