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'High confidence' Omicron is less severe in UK

ONS survey shows fall in COVID infections last week - first since the autumn: Estimates suggest that just under 3.5 million (3,437,200) people in the UK would test positive for coronavirus in the week ending 15 January. This is down from 4.3 million the previous week.

Covid: NHS in push to vaccinate the final four million

4.3 million people unvaccinated in U.K. - the push to persuade and counter misinformation - how Team Halo uses TikTok and answers questions - new mothers discuss vaccine campaign - coming up on 10pm News


Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance both say they would wear masks in crowded indoor spaces

NHS England have said there are now more COVID patients in hospitals in England that at previous peak in April - 20,426 as of today.

SAGE adviser Prof John Edmunds told a science media briefing 8k new infections a day (as calculated by ONS) was “a very high incidence” level - “many of us would prefer to see incidence down to lower levels before we relax measures - lifting the lockdown is a political decision”

Since asking the question at Downing St press conf, five companies offering PPE have emailed me saying they haven’t had any luck getting responses from officials - will now pass them on as invited to by Gavin Williamson - though wondering who to....

Second patient to get the COVID jab at University Hospital Coventry - would you believe it....William Shakespeare from Warwickshire

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Prof Mark Woolhouse tells MPs there was not a single virus outbreak linked to crowded U.K. beaches last summer

Worth noting the 122,300 total for virus tests yesterday included home test kits counted when they were dispatched

Interesting and sad to report that the 7 day rolling average for COVID 19 deaths has moved up a little.