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#OnThisDay 1978: BBC Radio frequencies changed. Nationwide explained the changes, with a little help from a giant novelty radio and a scout.

#OnThisDay 1981: “Science knowledge only adds to the excitement and mystery and the awe of a flower.” Richard Feynman explained why science is beautiful, on Horizon.

#OnThisDay 1976: A heroic Thruxton publican, locked in an eternal one-man battle against council bureaucracy, prepared to unleash his latest weapon...

#OnThisDay 1983: Davison! Pertwee! Troughton! Hartnell-alike Richard Hurndall! A Mannequin of Tom Baker! The BBC pulled out all the stops to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who, in The Five Doctors.

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#OnThisDay 1967: Charles Hales appeared on Blue Peter to break his world record for egg drinking. Not for the faint of heart.

#OnThisDay 1942: Billy Connolly was born. In his first appearance on 'Parkinson' he spoke about Scottish stereotypes and his experience of working in the Clyde shipyards.

#NationalSardinesDay you say? Back in 1975 Fanny Craddock had a super tip to salvage Sardines from broken tins.

#OnThisDay 2000: Playstation 2 shortages create a fracas in France and a small, orderly queue in Oxford Street. For more great archive clips showcasing 8 generations of games consoles, you can visit -

#OnThisDay 1983: ZZ Top were on tour in the UK where ‘Breakfast’ spoke to the band and some of their devoted fans.


#OnthisDay 1979: Frank Prentice, an assistant purser on the Titanic, described how he survived the sinking of the ship. For more archive on the Titanic, you can visit -

“How come is everything white?” Muhammad Ali appeared on Parkinson in 1971.

Today is #InternetDay … To mark this auspicious occasion, here’s David Bowie speaking to Jeremy Paxman in 1999 about the "unimaginable" effects on society it was going to have.

#OnThisDay 1977: Thanks for the Memory - The Viewer's View asked people what they thought about television. This woman was likely approached for a snappy vox pop, but ended up delivering something closer to a dramatic monologue. Fantastic stuff.

How do you live with yourself, after killing another man? What would you have done in WWI? Visit to discover more.

Florian Schneider, co-founder of highly influential electronic pop group Kraftwerk, has died at the age of 73. Here’s a clip of the group showing Tomorrow’s World their studio back in 1975. For more archive clips of electronic music, you can visit -

#OnThisDay 1973: Luke Casey took a poignant snapshot of Belfast at the height of the Troubles, a city the reporter had never previously visited.

It’s day 4 of the BBC Archive quarantine fitness regime! Time to don some tight clothing that doesn't quite fit and limber up with the one and only Tony Britts!

#OnThisDay 1982: The Young Ones was first broadcast. Once in every lifetime comes a love like this...

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