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#OnThisDay 1979: BBC News explained the mysterious markings that had started appearing on supermarket products.

#OnThisDay 1975: "We've been together now, car and I, for over half a century... most of it was fun." Fyfe Robertson proposed that as cars improved, driving conditions got worse.

#OnThisDay 1965: The British public were not impressed at the idea of having to memorise telephone numbers.

#OnThisDay 1950: George Bernard Shaw - "that regular achiever of birthdays" - reached his 94th, to the dismay of his overburdened postman.

#OnThisDay 1977: When the way to Watlington was windy, it was well worth waiting to watch Jack Wild's wonderful windmills working.

#OnThisDay 1976: John Hornsby made the 22-mile commute to work in a canoe. Was he London's first ever 'canoe-ter'?

#OnThisDay 1972: Wilf Lunn protested against artificial foods, in time-honoured fashion - by riding his homemade protest bike to Woburn Abbey, to feed a fake parrot to a lion cub.

1987: Daniel the dummy and his lovely wife Danielle demonstrated why you should stay in the car at Longleat Safari Park.

#OnThisDay 1983: Peter Davison was leaving Doctor Who, but would his replacement be a crotchety old man... or a lady? He and producer John Nathan-Turner discussed the possibilities.

Kate Bush was born #OnThisDay  in 1958. She talked to Delia Smith in 1980 about becoming a vegetarian, initially living "off chocolate and tea" and some of her favourite veggie recipes. #KateBush  #Vegetarian  #vegetarianrecipes  #veggie 


“How come is everything white?” Muhammad Ali appeared on Parkinson in 1971.

#Onthisday 1970: Wendy Carlos demonstrated how to synthesise electronic noise into musical sound.

#OnThisDay 1988: Ian McKellen spoke about Section 28 on Wogan.

#OnthisDay 1979: Frank Prentice, an assistant purser on the Titanic, described how he survived the sinking of the ship. For more archive on the Titanic, you can visit -

Today is #InternetDay … To mark this auspicious occasion, here’s David Bowie speaking to Jeremy Paxman in 1999 about the "unimaginable" effects on society it was going to have.

"Tonight you'll watch Barcelona against Newcastle United in the European Super League." In this clip from 1994, Standing Room Only made some big predictions about the future of football in the year 2004. #SuperLeague 

How do you live with yourself, after killing another man? What would you have done in WWI? Visit to discover more.

#OnThisDay 1977: Thanks for the Memory - The Viewer's View asked people what they thought about television. This woman was likely approached for a snappy vox pop, but ended up delivering something closer to a dramatic monologue. Fantastic stuff.

Enjoy a few relaxing minutes of the great Tony Hart drawing with pastels, on Hartbeat#onthisday  in 1987.

#OnThisDay 1984: Moira Stuart read out the 'other' candidates in the Chesterfield by-election. Glorious!