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The Asbury Park Press and http://APP.com cover Monmouth and Ocean counties at the Jersey Shore.

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WATCH: Whale watching along New Jersey's coast is nothing short of magical. The best chance to see these majestic mammals and other Jersey giants of the sea is during spring and fall. Take a 10-minute break and dive into this amazing world. 🐋

More than 111,000 motorists have received tickets for license plate infractions this year, an increase of more than 15,000 since 2015. via @byMikeDavis

WATCH: @Uber accused of espionage and hacking competitors https://t.co/HkLK0XkhSN
.@RutgersU vs. @SetonHall 🏀: Corey Sanders owns the day as Rutgers stuns Seton Hall via @Joshua_Newman

WATCH: President @realDonaldTrump won't rule out pardoning Michael Flynn https://t.co/HmY1QCLEIv
For some, by the time #Christmas Day arrives, we have had enough of the holidays.

Or, maybe you don't celebrate Christmas but would like to enjoy a nice dinner out on Dec. 25. We've got you covered. via @SarahEGriesemer
WATCH - Report: CDC analysts must avoid using 7 words https://t.co/jxT08Kftb7
WATCH: Interesting #Christmas facts you might want to know https://t.co/QdlhiKkFOh
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