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The Asbury Park Press and http://APP.com cover Monmouth and Ocean counties at the Jersey Shore.

Latest Scoops

WATCH: NJ Devils' coach John Hynes explains the lineup changes https://t.co/EEm8bFEUCQ
Halloween movies returning to theaters this October https://t.co/J5Sm3PFprD via @ABieseAPP
WATCH: Police activists protest at protest at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health https://t.co/gMI3LuIa7p
Halloween: Check out the candy you loved as a kid https://t.co/ejiRk6fzEy via @foodsusanapp
WATCH: NewsBreak: NJ cocaine ring busted https://t.co/e51PFmGe5z
Bon Jovi Hampton Water wine: The Jesse Bongiovi factor https://t.co/W4x7qAnyKx via @ChrisFHJordan
Berkeley cops: Holiday City man wore women's underwear and peered into neighbor's windows https://t.co/h9rTTsZFjE via @Erik_Larsen
WATCH: 6th District Congressional candidates talk with APP Editorial Board https://t.co/urWroD18CZ
Fishermen find nonstop bonito frenzy off Deal https://t.co/ME4ICpqNHa via @DanielRadelAPP
WATCH: Red Tank Brewing is NJ's latest brewery https://t.co/20zg1BCGdU
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